Casey Anthony Trial: George Anthony Admits To Covering Caylee’s Death?

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jun. 29, 2011

In what could possibly be the final week of the Casey Anthony trial in Orlando, Florida, meter reader Roy Kronk took to the stand and revealed that his calls to the police went unnoticed after he initially reported that he saw something suspicious in the woods where Anthony’s daughter Caylee was buried, and that Caylee Anthony’s body could have been discovered up to 4 months earlier if police did a more thorough search of the woods.

Kronk revealed in court Tuesday that he initially questioned that when he first located what he thought was a human skull (that would later to be revealed to be Caylee’s), he told his co-worker to accompany him to view the object in question. When Kronk and his friend would go investigate it, they would find a dead rattle snake, distracting them from what they came to see, according to Kronk. He would go back again and reportedly alert police three consecutive days in a row — between August 11 and August 13th — and when police met up with him to search for the object in question, they were not able to detect anything.

The police would then eventually find Caylee’s skull after Kronk returned to the site of Caylee’s skull four months later in December 2008 and he once again called them. “I was standing behind it, so I was looking at it from behind so I very gently took [my meter reader stick] and put it into the right eye socket,” Kronk told the court Tuesday. “I picked it up and put it back down. I lifted it up with the stick. I gently pivoted it up…[it] wasn’t stuck in the mud, it wasn’t stuck in anything.”

Another bombshell took place in the court on Tuesday when a woman named Krystal Holloway, who helped search for Caylee after she went missing in the summer of 2008, claimed that she and Casey’s father George allegedly had an affair. Why is she important to the case? Although she has yet to take the stand, she alleges that George once revealed to her that Caylee’s death was an “accident that spiraled out of control”. If true and she ends up taking the stand, this could potentially help the defense by putting more doubt in the mind of the jury that Casey Anthony’s father had a hand in covering up the death of his granddaughter, which he has denied up until this point.

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