Casey Anthony Trial: Did Casey Steal The Defense Of Fellow Inmate?

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jun. 23, 2011

Casey Anthony, who is currently on trial for allegedly murdering her daughter Caylee in late 2008, will possibly be under fire from prosecutors who believe that she may have taken advice from a woman named April Whalen. Both Anthony and Whalen spent some time together while they were both in jail in Orange County back in 2009, and according to a member of the public following the case, alerted prosecutors of how similar Anthony’s case is to that of Whalen’s.

In the opening moments of the trial weeks ago, Jose Baez — Anthony’s defense attorney — gave a stunning opening statement that Caylee died back in 2008 when she drowned in the family’s pool and Anthony’s dad, George Anthony, helped her cover it up by hiding his granddaughter’s body — almost the identical story that Whalen had. Prosecutors may now be investigating this story, with the possibility that Whalen shared her defense to Anthony in the five days they spent together in a jail in Florida.

Since the story about Whalen has come out, she is denying the claims and even stated that she never spoke to Anthony when they were in jail together. Though prosecutors don’t know whether to believe Whalen’s side of the story, Whalen reportedly told other inmates in jail her defense and they may have very well shared to Anthony what her attorney is now defending in a trial where Anthony faces possibly being put to death.

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