Casey Anthony Trial: Anthony’s Parents Don’t Think That She’s Innocent?

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jun. 25, 2011

Mark Lippman, the attorney of George and Cindy Anthony, has backtracked comments he made to a reporter working for Anderson Cooper’s Anderson Cooper 360 on whether Casey Anthony’s parents believe that she is innocent of killing her three-year-old daughter Caylee back in in June of 2008. The question was phrased to Lippman as the following: “Do your clients George and Cindy Anthony think that [Casey Anthony] is not guilty?” His response seems to reveal that he was struggling which way to answer, but perhaps the most telling is what he ended up going with, “they don’t think that…they do not believe she is innocent.”

Lippman is now saying that he was “misunderstood” by the reporter. “I’ve never said they thought she was guilty,” Lippman shot back the morning after his statements were aired. “I only said they have no idea what happened. They have no idea what the facts are. That’s why they’re sitting in the courtroom every single day. They hope they can get some semblance of truth. Based on his story it sounds like I was saying my clients think she is guilty of murder. I never said that. And any inference to that is wrong.”

Shortly after the controversy surrounding their attorney, both George and Cindy released a joint statement stating that whether they want “justice” in the case, they aren’t supporting the defense’s story that George was involved in covering up the death of Caylee after she allegedly accidentally drowned in the above-ground pool back in June 2008. “The Anthony family maintains they do not, under any circumstance, support any theory that the defense has put forward regarding George Anthony’s actions,” the statement says.

It continues, “The Anthony family maintains that while they want both the state and the defense to do their jobs respectively, they do not under any circumstance wish to see that the state achieves the ultimate sanction that the State of Florida is looking for, which is the death penalty.”

Casey Anthony faces the death penalty in the case where the prosecution is claiming that Anthony was solely responsible in killing her daughter and throwing away the remains in the woods so she could continue on with her life as party girl. The defense is currently taking the stand this week where Cindy has revealed bombshell statements that may end up helping her daughter escape the death penalty — such as claiming that she was responsible for shady Google searches that many in the court, including the jury, thought was the doing of Casey Anthony herself. Friday, she also possibly may have helped Casey by claiming that something seemed off on the day that Caylee went missing because the pool ladder was set up leaning against the pool when it was never there because Caylee was capable of leaving the house, going to the backyard, and entering the pool if the ladder was there.

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