Casey Anthony Ordered To Return To Orlando, Faces 1-Year Probation

Written by Timothy Ruth on Aug. 13, 2011

Casey Anthony has been ordered to return to her hometown of Orlando, Florida to serve a 12 month probation stemming from a check-fraud conviction.

Judge Belvin Perry, who presided over Anthony’s murder trial, ruled that it was clear that the year-long probation was to be served after she was freed from jail. However, in the days prior to the decision by Perry, her attorneys argued that Anthony served the probation while she was awaiting her trial for the death of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee.

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In addition, her defense argued that Anthony would be unsafe in her hometown, noting that it would be “dangerous” for her to return to city because of the overwhelming dislike for her after she was found not guilty of murdering her child during the trial earlier this year.

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Judge Perry took that into consideration when he gave the ruling Friday, noting that her address and whereabouts didn’t need to be disclosed when she started her probation. Anthony, who has been previously rumored to be at various cities within the United States and even outside the U.S. will now be in a much more narrowed down location now compared to the search for her whereabouts shortly after she was released from an Orlando prison. Just a few weeks ago, Anthony was allegedly located by celebrity website TMZ to be shopping for clothing in Ohio.

Judge Perry, who initially called the whole situation a “mess” after inheriting the case last week from Judge Strickland after he recused himself from the case, noted that he needed more time to research whether Anthony should have been forced to return to Orlando to serve the probation last week.

“The best I can say is this is a legal maze,” Judge Perry said at the time. “This is a legal morass.”

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In 2010, Anthony was convicted for stealing a friend’s checkbook in 2008 and forging several checks adding up to more than $400 — some of which she used to buy groceries and clothing.

Anthony is to report to the Department of Corrections by August 26.

  • Anonymous

    Surely Casey’s defense team will challenge this latest bogus, barely-literate “order” from bumptious, bilious Belvin Perry, and will see it overturned by an Appeals Court which follows the Constitution rather than TV trends.

  • Rufci

    she makes me sick to my stomach , i hate her with a passion , she is truely the DEVIL !!!!! i hope she rots in hell when she dies……

    • Marklanlloyd54

      you sound so evil yourself what makes you her judge and tormentor

    • Marklanlloyd54

      you sound so evil yourself what makes you her judge and tormentor