Casey Anthony May Not Have To Serve Probation In Florida

Written by Rob Soto on Aug. 14, 2011

Casey Anthony must return to Florida on August 26 to serve a one-year probation for check fraud, but according to the attorney of Anthony’s parents, Mark Lippman, she may not serve the probation in Florida. While he believes that Anthony will serve out the one-year probation, it may not be in the hometown where she received her infamy.

“I believe that Casey Anthony will not serve her probation in Orlando and most likely will not serve her probation in the State of Florida,” Lippman said. “It is a common practice to have a Defendant that resides out of state register for probation in the state and county where the probation was ordered, and then immediately transfer the probation to a state that can accommodate the probation.”

“Another possibility is that Casey Anthony will be given a type of administrative probation where she will either have the ability to call her probation officer or write the Office of Probation identifying her status for the month. This possibility allows Defendants to be put on probation anywhere in the world,” he added.

Lippman decided to make the statements on behalf of his clients because many people have assumed that Anthony will move back in with her parents after she starts her probation.

“[Anthony’s parents] are really trying to move forward. They have been through a lot, and they’re figuring out their next step,” Lippman said. He added that his clients do not know the whereabouts of their daughter at this time.

On Aug. 12, Judge Belvin Perry — who presided over her murder trial — ruled that she should serve probation in a check fraud case. Her friend at the time claimed that Anthony stole her checkbook and spent up to $400 on food and clothing. In January of 2010, Anthony pleaded guilty to the charges over a year before her murder trial began.

Anthony was then set to serve a one-year probation for the conviction, but due to a clerical error, the Florida Department of Corrections accidentally initiated her probation in February of 2010, while Anthony was still in jail. Her defense claimed that Anthony served the probation while awaiting the murder trial of her daughter, but Judge Perry noted that it simply was an accident and Anthony didn’t serve any of the requirements that the probation order called for — such as getting a job, being checked on by her probation officer, etc.

Although Anthony’s attorneys are still trying to get their client out of serving the probation — and at best having it being served outside of Florida — she is required to appear in Florida by Aug. 26 to start the probation. Where the probation ends up taking place, however, is still up in the air.