Casey Anthony May Have To Pay Over $500K For Caylee Investigation

Written by Michael Lambarde on Sep. 03, 2011

Casey Anthony may have been found not guilty of murdering her daughter during her highly-publicized murder trial, but a judge is now deciding if she should pay the costs of investigation in the disappearance of her two-year-old daughter Caylee.

The Associated Press reports that a judge in Florida is deciding whether Anthony should pay expenses totaling more than half a million dollars.

Anthony’s lawyer Cheney Mason said that she could be forced to pay about $517,000 because of “sour grapes” due to Anthony not being found guilty of murdering her daughter despite other theories in the Orlando, FL area.

At a court hearing, he said that he believes that “is time [prosecutors] accept the fact that they lost [Anthony’s murder trial case].”

“The state wants to charge her the entire cost of prosecution, not the legitimate expenses related to the convicted counts,” Mason argued at the Orlando hearing. “That has nothing to do with justice. It has everything to do with [public] outrage and sour grapes.”

The prosecution, however, believes that if Anthony didn’t lie to law enforcement at the beginning of the investigation, the state wouldn’t have dedicated time to a three-year investigation and seven-week long trial.

The following are the charges that make up the near $517,000 that she may have to end up paying, according to court documents:

  • $293,123.77 spent by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office
  • $140,390.60 spent by the district attorney’s office
  • $71,939.56 spent by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement
  • $10,645.38 spent by the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation
  • TOTAL COST: $516,099.31

Judge Belvin Perry, who presided over Anthony’s murder trial and a month later sentenced her to a year-long probation, will rule by September 22 if Anthony will be need to pay the expenses.

Anthony, who was acquitted of murdering her daughter during the summer of 2008 during a month-long trial in July but was found guilty of misdemeanor charges because of lies to law enforcement, is currently serving a probation at an undisclosed location in Orlando, Florida. The probation is not related to her daughter, however, but is rather for pleading guilty to stealing checks from her friend and then using fraudulent checks to buy clothing and food.

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