Casey Anthony Lookalike Targeted, Physically Assaulted In Orlando

Written by Michael Lambarde on Aug. 06, 2011

This week, photos of Casey Anthony in Ohio were reportedly leaked, revealing her wearing over-sized sunglasses and a baseball cap. To show how volatile the atmosphere in Orlando still is a month after Anthony was found not guilty of murdering her daughter, a woman is claiming that she has been physically assaulted and called negative names because of how similar she looks to Anthony when she, too, wears a cap and glasses.

Her name is L. Concetta Graves, an author, who believes she doesn’t look like Anthony when her hair is down. Many within Orlando, however, feel that Anthony may very well still be in the area and if she was still there, it would only be natural that she would disguise herself. The problem is that she is disguising herself with a cap and glasses, based on the photos leaked out of Ohio this week, but the woman being targeted is not Casey Anthony.

Concetta Graves shared with News 13 based in Central Florida some of the experiences she has faced over the past few weeks, including being spotted at a post office by a man who exclaimed out loud, “Is that Casey Anthony?” The man ended up waiting for her until she was finished at the post office and then followed her out.

During another incident, she and her brother were walking in West Orange County when a group of three men stopped the two and yelled “baby killer” and then threw her on the ground and started to beat her as she deflected a few of the blows. Graves, however, had a gun on her and was able to scare all three away before she was seriously hurt. On her Facebook page, she revealed that her brother D.M. Blade suffered two black eyes trying to defend her.

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Regarding the outfit that she has been accustomed to wearing in the heat, she is going to try a different strategy by wearing her hair down and dressing differently in order to distinguish herself from Anthony. Her friends have suggested that she should stay home, or if she wants to go out again, dye her hair a different color.

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“They kind of jump to conclusions,” her brother said. “They don’t know that behind the glasses and hat is someone that doesn’t really look like her.”

Over a month after Anthony was found not guilty of murdering her daughter Caylee and the outrage that ensued in the streets of Florida afterward, this story shows the disdain that Anthony continues to have. Especially in Florida, where the case has been covered since 2008, and has become personal. Unfortunately for Concetta Graves, while Anthony continues to reportedly shop in the public eye as she was spotted doing this week, she has to fear for her life for something she had no part of.

  • Anonymous

    This is BS!She knows what’s she’s doing.She’s looking for attention and is willing to put up with the remarks knowing she will be interviewed by anyone who has a microphone.She is nothing more than an attention whore.

    • Anton12

      thank you maam or sir

    • JSB3

      That is your response to some one being assaulted and harassed for looking like Anthony? She can not help looking like her. YOU are sick!

      • Rakesfunnyfarm

        The woman knew what she was doing! She was looking for attention and she got it.People needs to let Casey go,so the media would stop paying her money.Caylee is the only person we need to remember.Caylee was the victim not CASEY!!!!

    • loucindy

      I agree. It was not a coincidence that she was wearing round sunglasses and a hat as close to the one Casey was wearing. She also was trying to walk like her.They also said that she was able to ward these attackers off with a gun. She was expecting trouble…All for that 15 minutes of fame.

    • you are one of the stupid people I was talking about

  • opi

    This is such a fake story. Whoever wrote this has horrible writing skills. If this was true, it would be on tons of news sites. It isn’t. Nice try, but you failed.

  • Anton12

    people get over it. i had respect for people in orlando , an officer once told me orlando is a hell hole boy was he right you people dissapoint me let it be god will take care of it no worries

    • Plaxa17

      Don’t you dare calling Orlando hell hole. If there was a hell, it was at the Anthony’s place. Witch killed the baby and walked free. Bravo Orlando for not letting her feel free. That slut is afraid of the real truth.

      • Anton12

        hello friends: god never said to go harm some one guilty or not guilty you can believe she did it or not .its up to the law not up to you always remember DONT TAKE THE LAW I NTO your own hands the end result is lethal have a safe and happy life my floridian friends.

      • Anton12

        hey plaxa no disrespect to orlando lets get this straight i was visiting kissimmee one day i was going back to orlando airport i asked the sheriff what orlando is as a whole he told me its a hell hole i never saids that youre rated in trhe top 10 in crime. i generally like orlando but the police have another view in general. god bless you plaxa and keep well.

        • Uh, you actually did disrespect Orlando when you quoted the cop about the city being a hell hole and then said “boy was he right you people disappoint me.” Was a sheriff transporting you to the airport? That’s how it reads.

          • Anton12

            funny and no. he said it not me.

          • Anton12

            just remember orlando is in the top 10 in crime maybe thats why its a —- —-

  • Anton12

    remember america is the land of the free and the home of the brave. lets come together as one no more violence stop this orlando lets do something positive pay ano attention to her this is what she wants let her be.

    • Julia Wilson

      Easier said than done, Anton, sad to say..this woman had her day in court and the final verdict was read. They need to get on with their lives like they need a scapegoat as to why life sucks for them

      • Anton12

        lts respect the verdict

  • Shayblasen

    This chick looks NOTHING like Casey Anthony. She is obviously pleading for attention. This is ridiculous.

    • Jateast

      You’re right…she’s much prettier.

  • V. Cheeseman

    Typical. Florida is nothing more than a cesspool, obvious from this incident.Courtesy flush, please!!

    • Julia Wilson

      Oh please, you’re just mad that you are a farmboy from Nebraska who wishes he could live here but has to push corn for daddy…while we have beaches and attractions, you have farmland and sqaure dance contests

  • Catherine

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Casey Anthony’s defense is setting this story up to try to use as proof that Casey would be in danger if forced to return to do probation.

    • Julia Wilson

      Duhh, Catherine, do you think that if she returns, everything will be roses and daisies?? This is EXACTLY what her lawyer will do to prove that her living in that city is toxic amid ALL the witch hunters who are upset that this woman was found not guilty.

    • Val

      It wouldn’t surprise me if ALL of these are staged to give Baez’s claim credence. They are NOTHING but game players.

  • Crivera4

    This isn’t the first incident. What with so many posters inciting to harm Casey Anthony it’s not wonder women are getting hurt. If there should be any law is the punishment of posters who incite to hurt anyone.

    • Julia Wilson

      I agree..look there is NOTHING that these people can do to reverse the verdict, they may not like it but hell, they should blame the prosecution thinking they had a slam dunk case and fumbled the ball

  • Anton12

    for a city where mickey mouse is .orlando is a garbage town but i like it though,

  • Anonymous

    funny how the ones who bash casey..are doing the exact same thing they accuse her of..being vile violent trash

  • Domain

    I sware also 85% of Americans are mentally retarded

    • Farralones10

      I think its closer to 95%

    • Anonymous

      You “sware”?

      If you’re going to call someone mentally retarded from the safety of sitting behind your computer, it helps if you know how to spell.

      • so you group yourself in that 85%… nice

        • After 5 years this still makes no sense. Lol…..

  • Anonymous

    Please sign the below petition to stop Casey Anthony from profiting off the death of her little girl.

    • Anonymous

      I’ll sign it if you’ll sign the petition to ban all internet petitions.

  • Jimbob

    People in Florida are pretty daft, like Casey Anthony is gonna be strolling around town – jeez how dumb can you get??? And please don’t flatter yourself you insecure, attention-craving freak – you look nothing like Casey Anthony. They probably thought you were Jennifer Love Hewitt and were pissed about all the money they lost going to see your crap films.

  • Anonymous

    Concetta Graves hopes to ride the slender, seductive shoulders of super-hottie Casey Anthony and get some face-time for herself. Sad to be so desperate.

  • Garydakota1

    I cant figure out what the big deal is about Casey having to do a year of probation and that she would be in danger if having to return to Orlando. Casey can serve her probation anywhere in the United States. My brother was one probation in California and was allowed to serve it in New York. All this fuss about her being in danger if being put on probation is nothing but more money for the media outlets to make by posting article after article about it. Am I the only one in this country that knows a person can serve there probation anywhere in the country?

  • Taylor

    Dont we all have better things to do with our time

  • Garydakota1

    Oh and another thing. I believe that George had something to do with this. The defense was right. Old Georgie went to great extent to point out to the investigators that the car smelled like a dead body. What kind of father would go to the police station and tell the police that the smell he smelled was that of decomposition and that it was an odor unlike any other and that it’s one that you never forget after smelling it once. I believed the defense when they said George tried to throw his own daughter under the bus and that he tried to distance himself from the situation. He knew what he was doing. The defenses claim of what happened is more plausible to me than the prosecutions theory. The jury got this one 100% correct, The prosecution over charged by jumping the gun and not investigating any other scenarios. Like Biaz said; they had murder on their minds and a young women lying her but off. The body was moved therefore rendering all evidence found there useless. Biaz did a fantastic job at putting everything into perspective and putting reasonable doubt all over this case. I always said from the get go that Casey would be found not guilty mainly on the Roy Kronk ordeal. I was even more convinced the body was moved or hidden after hearing about how Kronk changed his story about the skull being out of the bag than in the bag.The white board that was never found was also very suspicious and the fact that he could tell someone had cut a tree right by where he was claiming to see the suspicious bag/skull. Something was very wrong with his testimony. Also he called police four times and they found nothing, yet he could see that cut down tree and white board but not be able to point out to police where the bag was. Come on this makes no sense. Like Biaz said; this was a marker. Think about it (FOUR TIMES) 20 feet from the street. If I was there and thought i was seeing a skull when there was a 2 year old baby being looked for by thousands of people I would have swam through 100 feet of water to go get it. Kronk had a hand in this in some way.

  • Svnd6shvl

    They sure are a couple of hot babes I don’t know which one I like more!

  • people are so stupid.

  • Lyricisttune

    I find her story hard to believe. She does not look anything like Casey Anthony. If this is a pathetic attempt to promote her book, she should be ashamed of herself! Either way, I won’t buy it.

  • Grant Goldblatt

    Baez is a snake of an attorney; will say and do anything to profit off this SICK, case where Anthony should have been found GUILTY OF MURDER OF HER OWN CHILD! Very obvious. Attorneys are trying to make Judge Perry think it’s too dangerous for her to go to probation in Orlando. That’s ludicrious. Anthony needs to serve at least a year on probation; just like any other person RELEASED must do. Hope this murderer doesn’t get special treatment; it’s been going on too long and at taxpayers expense! Now trying to make money off her own daughters death! Soooo disturbing and unjust.

    • Denny Hooper

      Grant Goldblatt said: “Anthony needs to serve at least a year on probation, just like any other person RELEASED must do.”

      Persons found not guilty have no need to serve probation. If you’re referring to the check charges – after spending years in prison, it’s obvious that this judge is as biased as you are and his order (which was never in writing) if allowed to stand – is as big a travesty to our system of justice as that of double jeopardy.

  • 18thclady

    I have seen all the TMZ photos, and I do NOT believe they are of Casey. I have looked closely from every angle, and whoever this woman is, it
    is not Casey Anthony

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it sad that Caylee is now the poster child for violent criminals? Violent criminals are now loose on our streets chanting Caylee’s name and arbitrarily attacking innocent people. It’s truly sick. This will be Caylee’s legacy. This is how she will be remembered. How long before someone there are prison gangs who wear Caylee tatoos? How long before some heinous killer goes to the chair wearing a Caylee t-shirt. Will anyone remember who she was? No, they will only remember the violence her name has spawn.

  • Rufci

    casey anthony is the DEVIL in its truest form , i hope she rots in hell …….
    she makes me sick to my stomach , i would rather eat my own puke rather than look at her or hear stories about her , and the fact that she has been released , ppor little girl , never had a chance against this monster !!!!!!! She never deserved to have children …..

    • Katya

      And yet, here you are.

  • MaxsMon

    I’ll be the first to admit that I think CA is a real POS but I’m not believing this girl’s story. And why is she wearing a GhostBuster’s uniform?? I bet she was going to shoot them with her Proton Pack.

  • MaxsMon

    I’ll be the first to admit that I think CA is a real POS but I’m not believing this girl’s story. And why is she wearing a GhostBuster’s uniform?? I bet she was going to shoot them with her Proton Pack.