Casey Anthony Dodges Return To Florida For Now

Written by Rob Soto on Aug. 05, 2011

Judge Belvin Perry called the Casey Anthony case a “mess” on Friday during a court hearing with Anthony’s lawyers. Anthony, who was acquitted of murdering her daughter just last month, is now back in the spotlight for alleged check fraud.

Anthony was ordered by Judge Stand Strickland to appear in Orlando, Florida within 72 hours earlier this week on the basis that she never served a one-year probation for stealing her friend’s checkbook back in 2008 and forging several checks. Anthony was accused by her friend of stealing more than $400 and spending it on groceries and clothing.

If Judge Strickland — who has now recused himself from the case and handed it to Judge Perry, who presided over Anthony’s murder trial — got his way, Anthony would have been forced to come out of hiding and serve a one-year probation in Orlando, Florida.

“The best I can say is this is a legal maze,” Judge Perry said about the Anthony predicament. “This is a legal morass.” Judge Perry decided it was best to delay his ruling, citing that he needed more time to research whether Anthony should be forced to return to her hometown and face probation.

The lawyers of Anthony, however, are arguing that Anthony already served the one-year probation while she was in jail awaiting her trial to begin. Cheney Mason and Jose Baez, her lead attorneys, feel that the entire case should be “thrown out” because the court “lost jurisdiction”, and that Judge Strickland’s amended order this week came “well past 60 days of the original” back in January of 2010.

In addition, they feel that Anthony returning to the Orlando area, where she remains overwhelmingly disliked and is still receiving death threats, would be “dangerous” for their client.

Perry revealed that Anthony shouldn’t have been allowed to serve the probation while in jail, but questions whether she should come out of hiding to serve her sentence. “I can’t answer the question if someone is erroneously placed on probation can they be made to redo it….I just don’t know the answer at this time,” Perry said.

  • Lakiame1002

    Why is she not back yet. She needs to do her time like any one else. If need be the police need to bring her back. Make her come back. That is so not fare. That she does nt have to do her year but others do. Come or will she get by with this to.