Casey Anthony Dodges 1-Year Probation For Now

Written by Michael Lambarde on Aug. 04, 2011

Just weeks after she was released from jail after being found not guilty of murdering her daughter during the summer of 2008, Casey Anthony is now facing a new problem from her past: check fraud.

Anthony is being ordered back to Orlando to begin a 1-year probation sentence for stealing a checkbook of her friend and forging several checks. The “check gate” case happened in 2008, and Anthony was accused of stealing more than $400 from her friend and then buying clothes and groceries with it.

Her defense is crying foul and want the probation “thrown out”. On Tuesday, they filed a motion to hold an emergency hearing to “quash and vacate” the orders of Judge Stand Strickland, who just dug up this old case after he had assumed that Anthony served her year-long probation while she was behind bars awaiting for her trial, which ended last month.

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Her attorneys accused Strickland of prejudice because Anthony got off with being found “not guilty” in the three major counts of allegedly murdering her daughter during her trial. They feel that her returning to Orlando would be “dangerous for her”.

However, Strickland stuck his guns and ordered Anthony to be in Orlando within 72 hours to begin her probation, but her defense is arguing that she has already done the probation. Cheney Mason told reporters, “She’s done her probation. If you all will go read the motion we just filed, you will see how blatantly clear it is, and how blatantly wrong Mr. Strickland was.”

Now, Judge Belvin Perry, who was the judge during Anthony’s murder trial, will take over the case and has decided to put Strickland’s order on hold until further notice. Strickland has recused himself from the probation case. While Anthony had previously been ordered to report for probation today (Thursday) by 10AM FL time, she won’t have to start serving out the probation, and therefore won’t have to appear in Orlando, until there is an emergency hearing and Perry talks with her attorneys.