British Soldier Proposes To ‘Samantha’, But Dials Wrong Number (Audio)

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 26, 2011

A voice mail message has gone viral in hopes that a woman by the name of Samantha, who is pregnant with the baby of a British soldier serving in the war, can be found and hear the marriage proposal which was left for her at the wrong number. The voice in the message is believed to belong to a British soldier who is serving in the war in Afghanistan. He apparently misdialed the number of his girlfriend, Samantha, who is expecting his child.

The ninety second message has instead been left on the phone of a forty four year old mother of three by the name of Diane Potts, which lives in Gateshead in Tyne and Wear. Diane has made the message public, hoping that this bittersweet romantic story can have a happy ending. The man states in the message that he will not be back home for three months, and cannot call again for a month. He speaks of his devastation over the loss of a friend who was “blown up” and repeats., “I’m so sad.”

The message can be heard in the video embedded below. It is the voice of a soldier in the midst of a war, it is a tragedy, and a love story, and reality at it’s best…and worst. The voice shares the emotions of the battlefield, and the toll that war has on the soldiers, the families, and the relationships. It’s the often unheard voice of war.

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