Breaking Down How Much FL Taxpayers Paid For The Casey Anthony Trial

Written by Keith Roberts on Aug. 05, 2011

Casey Anthony may have gotten off found not guilty of the three major counts of murdering her two-year-old daughter, but she cost the taxpayers of Florida nearly $700,000. Below is the complete breakdown of the money that was spent from the moment her mother, Cindy Anthony, called police reporting that her granddaughter was missing in 2008, all the way to the end of her trial last month.

(1) $119,000 for Defense expenses, or what Casey Anthony had to pay her lawyer after she was declared indigent and unable to pay.

(2) $91,000 was used by the prosecution, which they used for expert witnesses, undergo lab testing, etc.

(3) $186,903 was used to cover the expense of the jurors in the case, who were secluded from the outside world throughout the seven-week trial. Jury selection, hotel and food costs, etc were covered here by the 12 jurors and the five alternates.

(4) $293,123 went to the Orange County Sheriff’s office from the general costs of the investigation of finding Caylee Anthony — starting from when Cindy Anthony reported Caylee was missing to when her remains were found in December of 2008.

If you add that all up, that is a grand total of $690,026 that the taxpayers had to pay out of their pocket for the trial that left many with a bad taste in their mouth when it was all said and done.

  • Debbie4

    Im sure she will get American justice the old fashion way.

    • Anonymous

      What does that mean? Are you one of the nuts roaming the streets attacking anyone who resembles Ms. Anthony.

  • Dsilv63 1

    not guilty retards.

  • So you think they will learn not to rush to trial with flimsy evidence hoping to murder someone in the name of the people? Probably not.

  • Anonymous

    Blame media-driven, politically ambitious prosecutors who like to front-load cases with unreasonable charges that juries just won’t buy. A capital-murder, death penalty trial for Casey Anthony was really stupid.

    • Kboston72

      Well I guess u bought into the bull &dont believw this monster is responsible. Try to pay attention though because, they did have 2 lessers to choose from. To say she deseves no punishment is ludicrous!

  • Anonymous

    The justice system in Florida is a joke. First, they tried that poor girl with no evidence. Then that media-whore Judge Strikland is so biased he has to recuse himself. Then Judge Perry allows phony scientific evidence to be heard by the jury. Then the prosecutor flat out lies to the jury. It’s a joke. I do not think all the costs are tallied yet because Casey has grounds to sue. She could get at least a million for everything they put her through.

    • V. Cheeseman

      Put the bong down, KC…

    • Yakwithlou

      No joke involved when a 2 yr old is dead and in the care of her mother while dying and being thrown out like trash. What more did u need to prosecute? It’s “reasonable” doubt not any doubt!

    • Kboston72

      R u serious? Get psych help asap!

  • V. Cheeseman

    Imaginary expenses for imaginary justice. “OMG, I’m such a good liar!!!!!”….

  • John Wall

    Found a interview with Casey Anthony from after the trial!

  • I’ve had it up to here about how the jury has spoken and we’re all supposed to be happy about it. This jury has made a terrible mistake, just as blatant a miscarriage of justice as the OJ Simpson case. No one is going to shut up, no one is going to forget. Cheney Mason has gone down in history as the most unprofessional middle finger that ever got by the bar exam. His gesture summed up exactly the way Casey Anthony felt and feels about what she did and the Florida justice system.

  • I’m disgusted with the few voices calling out that the jury has spoken therefore we’re all supposed to be quiet and let this go.

    This jury is as wrong at the OJ jury was and no one is going to forget it.

    Mr. Mason is one of the most unprofessional people who ever got by the Florida bar. His gesture is a reflection of Casey’s attitude towards the justice system and he should be disbarred for his conduct. He won’t be, of course, there is too much complacency in the Florida system.

    Too much complacency and a faulty jury. But we’re not forgetting.

  • Cowhaulerdiana

    maybe this trial should have been put to a vote instead of 12 deciding what was good for all children. casey anthony should rot in hell and her parents with her, florida did the U S a terrible injustice it only set a presidence for the next crazy parent to carry their child around dead and then laugh all the way to the bank…….i truly hope that each and every person involved with the lies and the death of this poor little girl see her little face each time they close their eyes and pray that ca hear her little crys begging for her life each minute of each day