Box Office: Big Budget ‘Green Lantern’ Under Performs & Big Gains Needed

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jun. 20, 2011

While final numbers will come out tomorrow, early estimates suggest that Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, with its budget of $200 million, will under perform. The movie ended up doing $52.7 million, but that is far less than what many were projecting. To add insult to injury, despite it having a heftier budget than recent superhero movies in the past month-and-a-half, it did far less than its competitors.

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For example, Thor did $65.7 million in its initial weekend, 20% better than Green Lantern — despite it having a budget of $150 million, 25% cheaper than Green Lantern. Despite Thor doing better numbers than Lantern in its first weekend, it has only raked $176 million in total through six weeks — with the total gross falling each passing week. So, if Lantern wants to earn a big profit, it will have to make major ground during the week and next weekend. X-Men: First Class did similar numbers to Green Lantern in its initial weekend, drawing $55.1 million. Although critics are panning the film with dismal ratings, the movie is still rating well among non-critics.

Elsewhere this weekend, week two of did an estimated $21.3 million for a total gross of $72.8 million. That did better than the premiere weekend of Jim Carey’s Mr. Popper’s Penguins (18.2 million). X-Men: First Class was in fourth place (11.5 million, $119.9 million total through two full weeks and three weekends). The Hangover Part II rounded out the top five with $9.6 million for a total gross of $232.6 million.

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