Birds Found Dead In Arkansas, Louisiana & Sweden

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 08, 2011

The death of birds and fish throughout the United States state of Arkansas are now not alone. The mystery deaths have turned into a global phenomenon with new cases of animal deaths emerging in many parts of the world. Around 50 jackdaws were found dead in the city of Falkoping, Sweden earlier this week just few days after Beebe, Arkansas reported a bizarre incident in which a whopping 5,000 birds and fishes died due to some unknown cause. Although examinations are on to ascertain the exact reason which might have triggered the mass death of fishes and birds, any conclusion in this regard is yet to be reached.

PHOTOS: Shots of dozens of dead birds found in Louisiana

According to the Swedish National Veterinary Institute, the birds which were found dead in Sweden have been examined and preliminary reports indicate that they died after suffering from ’sudden, hard external blows.’ However, the autopsies that have been conducted on the birds failed to showcase any signs of external injuries which could have killed them. Evidences of any kind of infection or illness that the birds might be suffering from has also not been forthcoming. Swedish experts have reiterated that shock due to fireworks in the city as well as difficulty in finding foods might have been some of the factors that contributed to the large-scale death.

PHOTOS: Shots of the dead birds found in Sweden, lying in the streets

The New Year’s Eve was marked a never-before-seen incident in Arkansas when thousands of dead birds fell from the sky while large number of fishes were also found dead on the shores of the Arkansas river. On Monday morning, an estimated 500 birds were discovered to be dead in Louisiana.

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