Big Brother 13: ‘Twist’ What Does This Mean For All Stars?

Written by Jaym on Jul. 01, 2011

So it’s official…, Julie Chen, and production Twitter accounts have confirmed the ‘Dynamic Duo’ Twist involving Big Brother pairs from past seasons. Does the introduction of 4 to 6 past house guests into this season’s cast replace the possibility of having an all star season in the near future?

This Double Trouble twist for the 13th season claims to have most likely 3 ‘pairs’ of previous HG’s. These house guests were chosen by CBS and the casting crew. There is a vote on asking who we THINK will return to the house, but it doesn’t appear that our votes will determine who actually goes back in. (Rumors and details on who will most likely be re-entering the house can be found here) IF this twist is going to replace an actual all star cast, I wonder why the fans were not given the chance to vote people back in like in Big Brother 7: All Stars. Could this mean we will still have a chance to vote on All Stars in the next couple seasons?

Also, what happened to Jason? When the house guests were first announced, some fan sites had an interview with Jason Thomas but he did not appear on the website with the “official” cast list. Some information on Jason can be found here. Do you think this was really just a last minute casting decision? Or will he be part of a different twist throughout the season?

The newest Big Brother commercial claims there will be “three shocking surprises”. Does three surprises refer to three different duos returning? Or is it something more? Maybe one surprise is that there are past HG’s returning…. maybe there are still two more surprises we have yet to find out? Could Jason be part of the second surprise? If so… what is the third one?

Those are just some of the things we can think about as the big day gets closer. Expect the Unexpected. We will be watching out for Big Brother news as the newbies enter the house and hopefully we will get some spoilers before premiere night.

Make sure to bookmark and check back for the latest updates on the game, the twists, and the house guests! -Jaym