Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Who Will Likely Be Evicted This Week

Written by Keith Roberts on Jul. 09, 2011

Below are the latest live feed updates from Big Brother:

5PM EST, 7/9/11: And right after Dominic’s conversation with Brendon, Jeff, and Jordan, he goes to tell Cassi about his conversation with them. He says that the three want to be with him so badly. He then goes to tell Danielle about their conversation, too. Dominic tells Danielle he’ll evict Keith this week if the nominations stay the same. However, likely that’s just what he’s telling her because he told Keith previously that they are together and that he wants him to stay.

Keith tells Rachel that if she uses the Power of Veto on him, she’ll campaign to keep both Rachel and Brendon in the house for two weeks. Keith admits that the lies by Lawon made Keith look like the bad guy. Rachel told Keith to call Lawon out in front of the house. Keith says he won’t do that. Keith suggests to Rachel that she put up Lawon and Kalia. Lawon would then be evicted this week and Kalia would “coast” through the next ten weeks, but she isn’t a threat anyway.

Keith then promises that he wouldn’t put up Rachel, Brendon, Jeff, or Jordan for the next two weeks if he wins HOH. Rachel then reminds him that he would have to put up people from “his side” then. Keith agreed. Rachel said she’ll consider using the POV. Rachel then headed by Jeff and Jordan and told them about Keith’s offer. Jeff was against the offer, saying that Keith would say anything to stay in the house. They say that they can only trust Shelly and Cassi from the rookie side. Rachel admits that “Keith is done”.

Keith and Jeff then have a conversation together and Kalia and Lawon eavesdrop on the conversation for a moment before moving to the kitchen. Keith tries to get Lawon kicked out of the house again, calls him a “snake”. Outside the room, Lawon almost exactly guessed to Kalia what Keith was saying to him about Jeff. In the storage room, Kalia tells Lawon that Keith probably wants them out so he can be the only black guy in the house. Danielle tells Brendon and the producers have not told her anything further about her father. Jeff and Jordan are in the pool. He says that between Dominic and Cassi, who she would keep. She picks Cassi. Jeff says that his conversation with Dominic, Dom pretty much admitted that he’s after Jeff, Jordan, Rachel, and Brendon. They seem sure that Shelly and Cassi are both on their side.

Keith tells Shelly that he likely will confront Lawon in front of Brendon and Rachel in order to get Lawon up on the block instead of him.

6PM EST: Keith and Lawon finally talk. Keith is upset that Lawon told people in the house that he works in human services. Lawon says he never did. Keith confirms that he will vote Porsche out, as he promised Keith. Keith says if he goes to ask Jeff and Jordan if they laughed when Lawon told them about him working in human resources, would Lawon call them out on it if they lied to Keith? In the candy room later, Keith tells Dominic and Cassi that he still doesn’t trust Lawon.

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