Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Who Will Likely Be Evicted?, Lots Of Personal Stories

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jul. 10, 2011

10:30PM EST, 7/9/11: Rachel is now working out. She says that she works out so she can drink alcohol at night. She says she isn’t an alcoholic, though. Rachel tells Dominic that her and Brendon are planning to get married in Hawaii. Cassi and Kalia are unsure about who to send home. Cassi says she can go either way, but will probably go the way Brendon and Rachel go. Adam joins Kalia and Casi. They vent about Keith constantly asking if he has the votes to stay. All three seem to want him to leave this week.

11PM – 12AM EST: Brendon runs around the backyard in his red leotard, blue underwear, cap, and face mask. Upstairs, Danielle says that the house would likely get rid of Rachel before Brendon. Rachel doesn’t understand why people think she’s stronger than him, he also won a lot of competitions last year, she points out. Rachel says that she likes Porsche but she doesn’t understand what her game-plan is. Danielle says she doesn’t have one. About Adam, they think he is just going to be a floater. Rachel says she’ll keep an eye on him. They head downstairs. Jeff is cooking dinner. Dominic continues to ask Dominic if he will vote Porsche out. Dominic says yes. Once Dominic leave, he tells Cassi that he thinks Dominic is playing him. Cassi denies it. Keith admits to Cassi that he’s going him.

1AM EST, 7/10/11: Keith (semi-correctly) tells Adam that Dominic and Cassi have a deal with Brendon and Rachel. (Cassi sort of does, but Dominic doesn’t). Keith says that Dominic and Cassi spend too much time together. Adam doesn’t really believe it and he attributes it to Keith’s paranoia. Shelly and Cassi have a conversation. The two wonder if they somehow will make it to the final tour. Cassi shares the the producers in the diary room told her that she plays a good game. Cassi admits to Shelly that her family has financial issues. Shelly praises her for not using it as a ploy to advance her further in the game.

Kalia and Keith then talked. When he asked her how she will vote, she admits that she will vote with the house. Kalia asks him if his real-life job is working in human resources and not a match maker. Keith says that he told Lawon that in order to see if it would leak out. Keith again admits that he played the game wrong and that he’s likely going home. If he could play the game over, he would had a showmance with Porsche and they would have made a deal with Brendon and Rachel. Kalia says she would never have a showmance, even if she was single, because the game has no room for extra emotions.

2AM-4AM EST.: In the hammock, Jeff and Jordan talk about fishing about how they plan to do it again when they leave. Jordan jokes that they are more like buddies than romantically involved. Brendon compliments them, saying that looks fade. She talks about meeting Brendon in the house. In the fortune room, Jordan, Danielle, Kalia, and Rachel are talking. Jordan brings up how Evel Dick looks like Tommy Lee. Danielle says that everyone thinks that he is a Tommy Lee “wannabe”. She says her dad and brother have not talked since Dick’s season on Big Brother. Jordan says her father developed a cocaine addiction and left the family. A lot of small talk, very little game talk. The producers gave them red and white wine as well as beer. Danielle shares with the girls that her grandmother raised her since she was 11 months old.

Dominic tells Cassi, Lawon, and Adam that Keith is probably one of the worst houseguests on Big Brother of all time. Dominic says that he will not vote against the house; if they are voting to evict Keith, he will too. Voting out Keith seems like a given at this point barring a last minute change In the hammock with Adam, Cassi, Dominic, and Lawon, they say that Keith will be embarrassed when he looks at the video of him when he leaves the house. Danielle comes down and shares that they will have Sunday off with not competitions and no diary room sessions.

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