Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Veteran Out Of The Game?, Alliances Formed

Written by Keith Roberts on Jul. 08, 2011

4AM EST, 7/8: After complaining for many hours and getting increasingly frustrated that the Big Brother 13 producers wouldn’t tell Daniel where her father, Evil Dick, is after going missing, she is finally called to the Diary Room. However, the feeds would then cut and show various trivia and fish graphics before returning at 7AM EST.

7AM EST: The feeds return with paranoia around the house that Evel Dick has left the house. Apparently, the producers told Daniele that he had to leave but it had nothing to do with her family. Brendon is shocked that he left. Jeff was spotted talking to others about Rachel and Brendon apparently threatening to leave the house. Rachel and Brendon say that they are already burnt out of the game. Dominic and Cassie were alone whispering that Dominic noting the he wants Porsche to go home now that she is on the block, but Cassie makes the case for why Keith should leave, and he starts to consider it. Dominic and Cassie seem to be in a side-alliance as he just told her, “you and me to the end”. Back to Brendon and Rachel, the latter seems to regret coming in the house because she doesn’t think she has a chance. She feels that if either Keith or Porsche get the POV or someone gets off the block, they are going up in their place.

8AM EST: Jeff tells Rachel that their alliance has the number gain on the newbies and they have the numbers — Jeff, Jordan, Rachel, Brendon, Daniele, Adam and Shelley. He says that they control the house. Jordan tells Rachel that she has a different perspective of her now compared to watching on TV. Jordan compliments her by saying that she’s a really good player and that she is needed. The veterans were in the Head of Household room, sans Dick, talking about the votes they have and who they need to sway to get them on their side to get more votes.

9AM EST: The houseguests started settling down as Brendon and Rachel went to sleep, but Daniele and Dominic were chit-chatting in the bathroom about who each of their respective sides want out of the game. Neither of them gave names for who their sides want out. All the houseguests then went to sleep.

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