Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Stars In The POV Competition, Porsche Cries, More

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jul. 08, 2011

5:30PM EST, 7/8/11: The feeds go out for about 30 minutes as the players pick for the Power of Veto competition, which will take place later today. Adam reveals that he is the host for week 1 of the Power of Veto competition. Jeff and Jordan are confirmed for the POV competition, along with the two nominees (Porsche & Keith) and the HOH, Rachel. Danielle confirms that she won’t be able to play in any of the competitions, including this week’s Power of Veto competition, because of the Golden Key. Keith shares to Kalia that “90%” of the women he dates are white.

6PM EST: Jordan shares to Jeff that she is about to start her period. Jeff’s response? “Awesome”! In the candy room, Dominic, Keith, and Adam are talking. Keith asks Adam if he will be voting against Porsche, as he said before. Adam confirms that he will. Adam tells Dom and Keith that Dick leaving the game is a blessing in disguise because it’s like they essentially won HOH and evicted him. They strategize that they will backdoor Rachel and Brendon as soon as they have the chance.

Porsche joins the conversation and is asked by Dominic who she would put up on the block next week if she won HOH. In front of her partner, Keith, she says she would put Keith up. Keith continues to be paranoid they the alumni want him out of the game (that’s exactly what they were saying in the HOH room earlier. They want him and Dominic out because of their strengths in endurance competitions). Keith tells Shelly that he is upset that Porsche is mad at him.

Keith goes to ask Danielle who she would evict this week between him and Porsche. Daniele seems very annoyed with him at this point. Kalia enters the HOH room where Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, and Jordan are. They are strategizing about Keith and about where Kalia’s vote lies this week. Regarding the much talked about blow-up that didn’t air on the feeds last night, Kalia says that “Keith shot himself in the d**k last night”.

Keith and Porsche are talking to each other in the Have Not room now, talking about putting their differences to the side. Keith says they need to be on the same page because they need to win the veto competition. Porsche is not having any of it, though, because in the early hours of the morning, Keith was accusing both her and Kalia of different things they never did. Porsche says she is “not having it”. She then starts to cry. She tells Keith that she doesn’t trust him at all. She tells him that she wants nothing to do with him, insisting that Keith is “toying” with her. Porsche says that it is only week one and she has already betrayed him.

Jeff argues with Kalia in the HOH room that if a penny fell off the empire state building it would kill someone. He attributes it to Newton’s second law. Kalia disagrees. Brendon tells people in the HOH room that the reason what both he and Rachel were “popular” last year is because they were both very emotional.

7PM EST: Keith seems to be winning Porsche over, but she is still visibly upset. He suggests that they work in the POV competition together so they can both get a second chance. Later on, Keith, Shelly, Adam, and Cassi talk amongst themselves that they are voting Porsche out this week.

Porsche goes to tell Cassi about everything that she told Keith. She says that she was part of his “Keith’s angels” strategy. She insists that everything was part of his plan. Porsche tells Cassi that the alumni want to talk to Cassi in the HOH room. After the flood works, she says she is going to go put on make-up because they don’t to make it seem like the newbies are falling apart. Porsche enters the HOH room where Brendon, Danielle, and Rachel are and she tells Rachel everything about her conversation with Keith earlier.

Cassi, Lawon, and Shelly are on the kitchen table talking about the pros and cons about keeping Porsche in the house instead of Keith. Cassi says that Keith is basically a ticking time bomb, and Lawon agrees with her.

8PM EST: Porsche tells the people in the HOH that she would be throwing the Power of Veto competition, but not in a way that would be too obvious. Porsche says that she wants Keith out, and that by throwing the veto competition, she thinks that Keith would be evicted. That doesn’t seem to be the sentiment of the house, however, little to her knowledge. Porsche says that she would tell the others that she was in the HOH room just so they could check on what happened with Keith last night.

After Porsche leaves, Danielle thinks that Porsche is playing both sides, but more on their side than the side of the newbies. Rachel vents to Brendon that she thinks it’s unfair that Dick left the game and now they are one person short in their alliance. Jeff and Jordan go to sleep before the POV competition. The POV competition starts just around 9:30PM EST.

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