Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Review Of Today’s Events

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jul. 11, 2011

10-12AM EST, 7/11/11: Shelly, again, is the first to wake up. She smokes a few cigarettes and makes coffee. The houseguests are woken up by the producers at 11:30AM EST. They do a lot of morning rituals and a few small talks. Adam waves hello to the live feeds.

12PM EST: Brendon reveals to Shelly that he doesn’t trust Cassi at all. He also adds Dominic and Lawon to the mix of people he doesn’t trust in the game. Brendon is worried Rachel and Brendon will be put up if their alliance doesn’t win the next HOH. Shelly says that Jeff and Jordan probably would be put up first. Brendon says that his fellow houseguests may be smart, but they are stupid because they don’t ever stop talking. Shelly and Brendon make a pact not to put each other up. Danielle and Rachel start talking, thinking that the have and have not competition was going to take place during Wednesday’s show. They figure out that it probably already aired (and did) on Sunday. Danielle says that Cassi has to go up and leave. She says that once she leaves, Dominic will be left without a partner.

1-3PM EST: Despite the wake-up call from the producers, a majority of the houseguests kept sleeping and didn’t wake up until about 11:30 Big Brother time (2:30 EST). Keith and Shelly start talking with Keith saying that he thinks he has the votes to stay in the house. Shelly cautions him not to cause any more problems in the house within the next four days. Kalia and Brendon discuss that Dominic and Cassi want to keep Keith in the house over Porsche. Brendon tells Kalia to make them think that the house will be voting that way and then they’ll be surprised when the vote happens and Keith is evicted.

3-6PM EST: Kalia tells Brendon that the newbies will probably put up Jeff and Jordan and try to backdoor Rachel and/or Brendon. Brendon says that he is aware of that. Kalia suggests to Brendon to put them on the block and that she’ll pretend to want to go home, only to send Lawon home. This was what Kalia was talking out loud about last night by herself; she wants the golden key. Brendon then tells Rachel the plan. Jeff is told about the plan, and he tells Jordan about it, too.

6-9PM EST: As part of the plan, Kalia says to Dominic that she doesn’t want to be in the house anymore and that she misses her home. Dominic believes her. He says that maybe she is at that point in life where she isn’t feeling it. He tells her that she would “rule” the house if she was here when she was younger. Danielle reveals that there are only three golden keys. The feed goes to fish before she reveals why there isn’t a fourth key. Danielle tells Brendon that she wants Cassi out of the house before Dominic. About Dominic, she says “at least [he] tells you to your face what he’s doing”.

9PM EST: Jeff and Adam are in the backyard exercising. Adam reveals he is on the fence regarding the upcoming eviction. He, however, says that Porsche is a strong player and Keith could be a target later if he stays. Rachel is in the HOH room with Brendon and they are studying for the next HOH room — they think the next competition will be a quiz-type this Thursday.