Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Power Of Veto Ceremony – Did The Nominations Change?

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jul. 10, 2011

5AM EST, 7/10/11: Dominic tells Cassi that she is the only one he completely trusts in the game. Again, Cassi is playing both sides now as the alumni also like her and are convinced that she, along with Shelly, could move to their side. Cassi seems to really be with Dominic, however. She says she will vote the way that Brendon and Rachel vote, though. Dominic and Cassi mention that they want Jeff and Brendon and Jeff out of the house. They say that they don’t rust Danielle. Dominic says regarding Rachel, he said her head be wouldn’t be in the game as soon as Brendon left.

When Lawon was asked by Danielle who he would nominate if he and Kalia were the HOH, he said that he would nominate Dominic and Adam. Danielle says she likes Dominic, but he could be a big threat in the future. Lawon says Adam is a big threat, too. Danielle and Lawon both praise Kalia. Danielle admits that when she watched Jeff and Jordan’s season, she didn’t get the hype surrounding Jeff being so good looking. But now that she’s in the house, she gets it. He has a great personality. Danielle says last season of the show sucked and that it was one of the worst seasons.

6AM EST: Lawon, Cassie, and Dominic are talking game now with Cassi saying that one of the alumni need to leave within the next three weeks. She says that the newbies have to win the HOH and then the veto. If they win HOH, they are undecided if they should put Brendon & Rachel or Jeff & Jordan up. Danielle starts talking to them and is asked if Rachel will be using the veto. She says that Rachel is still thinking about it. Cassi says that even though they don’t have the numbers, the alumni will likely stay in the house for a while. Lawon and Dominic say that “won’t happen”. Cassi is upset that Porsche kept taking cigarettes from her last night — when she had a pack inside the house. Cassi says she only bought 3 packs in with her and they’re all gone already.

7AM EST: Lawon says he can’t wait to see how the votes come down. Dominic wants Rachel to use the veto and put up Lawon and Kalia so Kalia can go home. Dominic says that even Kalia knows that she doesn’t have a chance. They all make small talk and head to bead

11AM EST: Shelly, Brendon, and Rachel are the first ones to wake up. The latter two are talking in the HOH room that they need to talk to Cassi, Shelly, Dominic, and Adam in the HOH privately still. Brendon and Porsche have a discussion. Brendon says that he will talk to her in the HOH room later. Porsche says that she plans to apologize to Keith after the POV ceremony tomorrow. Brendon then tells Shelly to bring her and Cassi up to the HOH room later. Dominic is brought in to the HOH room. Brendon & Rachel tell him that they want to talk to everyone to see where their heads are at. Adam soon comes in and all four agree that since Brenchel didn’t put up Adam and Dominic, the latter two wouldn’t put them up.

Lawon, Kalia, Brendon, and Rachel are in the HOH room wondering what kind of competitions will take place in the future. They think that the next HOH competition will be a mental game, not physical.

12PM EST: In the backyard, Shelly and Cassi are talking and they say that Brendon and Rachel need to think long-term because they have to figure out who will be in the jury house and if they have the votes to win the game. Shelly thinks that if Rachel/Brendon or Jeff/Jordan make it to the final two, they both essentially win $550,000 – $500,000 for the winner and $50,000 for the runner-up. Shelly and Cassi say they have a 4-week deal with Rachel and Brendon not to put each other up. Both ladies believe that Porsche will go this week, Kalia will go in week 2, and Dominic would go in week 3. Adam comes into the conversation and says he wants to win HOH next week. Adam says if he wins HOH, he’ll put up Jeff and Jordan because Jordan already won the game.

Brendon is talking with Cassi and Shelly now. Brendon says that he trusts both of them the most. He admits that he is unsure of their relationship with Dominic, though. Cassi says if Dominic has to go, he has to go. Cassi says she is scared of Brendon and Rachel’s relationship with Jeff and Jordan. Rachel and Brendon want the final seven to be them two, Jeff, Jordan, Shelly, Cassi, and Danielle.

1PM EST: Adam joins Brendon and Rachel in the HOH room. Adam says he’ll vote out whoever Brendon and Rachel want out. The latter two praise Adam after he leaves. Racehel tells Brendon that she doesn’t like telling everyone that she trusts them. Brendon says that they are playing a better social game than last year. Porsche comes into the HOH room and Brenchel tells her she is safe this week as Keith shot himself in the foot this week. Porsche leaves to go get Jeff. Jeff heads to the HOH room. Brenchel tells Jeff that Cassi and Shelly are on their side, but after them, Cassi is going to try to take Dominic far with her. They say they can’t trust Cassi because she is always telling things to Dominic.

In the HOH room, Jeff, Brendon, and Rachel again mention that they want Jordan to win the next HOH so that all three of them will be able to play the HOH game the week after. They agree that they need to get rid of Dominic, Cassi, and Lawon. They say that they can trust Kalia — along with Shelly and Adam.

2-3PM EST: The feeds were cut for about an hour and trivia started to air. Despite the feeling that they would be free today, the Power of Veto ceremony took place. Rachel, as HOH and POV winner, decided to keep the nominations the same. Keith and Porsche are still up. The feeling in the house that Keith is going home. Porsche, the initial target, now seems safe because all the trouble that Keith started.

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