Big Brother 13 Spoilers: POV Winner Revealed, Will Veto Be Used?

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jul. 09, 2011

11pm EST, 7/8/11: As noted previously, Brendon and Rachel ended up winning the Power of Veto. Brendon, Rachel, and Jeff are in the HOH room and Rachel plans on keeping the nominations the same and evicting Keith. They seem to think that the HOH competition will be a quiz-type show. They plan on having Jordan with the Head of Household next week, if possible, so they can play the week after next. Keith is in the kitchen with the other houseguests, visibly upset that he lost the veto competition.

The memory wall portrait of Evel Dick, who was eliminated from the game due to a personal family problem not related to Danielle, is now black and white. He left the house late last night EST. Brendon tells Jeff in the HOH room that if they get Dominic out, him and Jeff would become the strongest athletic competitors in the house. Previously, they said Keith was in the top four athletic men in the house, but they seem to think he’s leaving this week.

Keith and Porsche are upset that they lost the POV competition and Keith suggests asking Brendon putting up Kalia and Lawson up on the block and evicting Kalia. Brendon and Rachel are now talking by themselves and it seems that Brendon learned from trusting Britney last year by telling Rachel that she needs to be nice to people and make friends if she wants favors from them in the future. They agree that the best strategy would to have Brendon win the Power of Vetos and Rachel winning the Head of Households.

12AM EST, 7/9/11: Dominic and Keith are talking and Dominic tells him that he’ll telling him anything that anyone else says about him because they are in the same alliance. Dominic also promises to tell Keith what he thinks the vote count is prior to the eviction. Cassi, Dominic, and Keith are in the Have Not room and Dominic suggests that he apologizes to Rachel about everything if he wants to stay in the house. Dominic says he needs to “clear the air” with her. Shelly comes into the room and agrees with them, saying he needs to campaign. Shelly talks about the Lane “incident” from last year where he was playing with himself in the shower. They all say “gross”! Rachel joins them in the room, and all of the newbies praise her for being a “competition god”.

Jeff and Jordan have not spoken since the POV competition, apparently, because an argument that they had during the POV competition. About the alumni re-entering the house this year, Jeff and Danielle admit that they saw Julie Chen before they entered the house. Chen complimented Danielle on her new hair color. Jeff was told to enter the house “Casually”, as if he was “entering a party”. Brendon and Rachel are told by the production to put their unitards back on, which they wore during the POV competition, in order to do a diary room session.

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