Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Lots Of Emotions Run Wild In The House

Written by Keith Roberts on Jul. 10, 2011

6:30PM EST, 7/9/11: Lawon and Shelly are talking and Lawon tells Shelly again that he is only not evicting Keith because he gave him his word. Shelly reminds him that there still is the Power of Veto meeting. Lawon is surprised, seemingly forgetting about it. He asks Shelly how the POV ceremony works, and Shelly explains it to him. She says that is why he needs to behave around the house. Lawon thanks her and tells her that he feels better now. The lightning bulb pops up in Lawon’s head and he figures out that this is the reason why Keith is throwing him under the bus — so he would get off the block and Lawon and Kalia would go up instead. Lawon says even if he does go up, Kalia would probably go home.

7PM EST: Suddenly Brendon, outside with Rachel, says that they should use the Power of Veto to get rid of Dominic. Danielle joins them and says that somebody needs to call out Lawon for what he’s saying. Brendon agrees but says that he probably won’t be good at competitions. Brendon said he trusts Kalia. As far as Porsche, Danielle says since nobody like Porsche, why would they get rid of her? Brendon suggests calling out Lawon and Keith in front of the whole house because they lied about working together. Danielle disagrees.

In the kitchen, Cassi and Jeff are talking. Cassi doesn’t like Porsche. Jeff tells Cassi his game conversation with Dominic earlier today. Jeff admits that Cassi and Shelly are his favorites amongst the new people. He tells her that he wants her to join the alliance of the veterans. Cassi agrees. She said they’ll talk later on. Jeff joins Rachel, Brendon, Danielle, Jordan, and Brendon in the HOH room. Jeff suggests getting rid of Keith this week, Dominic the next, and then at that point, Cassi and Shelly would come to their side. Danielle tells the others that former HOH star, Janelle, told Dick that she is friends with Porsche. Rachel is upset now that only three people can compete in the next HOH competition – Jeff, Jordan, and Brendon. Rachel can’t because she is the current HOH and Danielle can’t because she has the golden key.

Out in the backyard, Keith and Porsche continue to argue about Keith throwing her under the bus earlier. Keith continues to apologize, as he did last night, but she isn’t having any of it. Porsche tells him that she wants him to leave to she could get the golden key. Keith tells Porsche about taking the offer that he talked to Rachel about earlier in that if they were taken off the block, he wouldn’t put Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, or Jordan up.

8PM EST: Cassi tells Dominic and Lawon that the alumni want to talk to her. Either she playing both sides or she is really with Lawon and Dominic and she is simply working the other side to get information for her real alliance. Dominic and Keith then talked. He said that he (Keith) doesn’t think he has the votes to stay. Porsche said that she wants him on the block with her because she thinks he will be the one to leave. In the bathroom, Dominic talks to Kalia. Kalia said that if she goes up, Lawon will probably go up because Lawon is “dangerous” in the game.

9PM EST: Rachel talks to Lawon and he starts to cry because he is upset that Keith is trying to cause a rift with his partner Kalia. Since he fought with Keith, Lawon is now saying that he will vote him out if the nominations stay the same. Rachel goes to Kalia (who’s also crying) and tells her that Lawon never said anything bad about her and that she needs to go talk to him. Kalia says it’s too much for just week one. Rachel heads to the HOH room by Brendon and she starts to cry because she feels bad for both Lawon and Keith. Brendon tells Rachel that she shouldn’t be alone with people she will feel sorry for. As he noted earlier, she doesn’t want her to talk game with others without him there. They then start to argue. Rachel tells Brendon to leave her alone and “go away”. Rachel says that she would be better at the game if Brendon wasn’t there with her.

In the have not room, Kalia and Lawon start to talk. Lawon tells her that Keith threw him under the bus. Lawon apologized to Kalia, and admits that he did say that Kalia didn’t have their group’s best interest, but that was based on her action. The two make up and Kalia says she will always be honest with him. Kalia tells Lawon that Keith was going to stay in the house, but his recent actions and paranoia means that he’s likely to be evicted this week. After Kalia left, Lawon told the live feed, “And the best acting award goes to… Lawon!” Cassi joins him in the have not room and Lawon said he made it seem like Keith was lying.

Lawon enters the HOH room and Brendon jokes that he wants Lawon to stay in the house to wear some of the outfits he has yet to wear. Brendon is consoling Lawon as he is still very emotional about the Keith blow-up. Amusingly after Lawon leaves, Rachel questions why he rubbed Lawon’s back but not hers. Brendon tells her to quit being emotional and that he will rub her back every day. They do make up, though.

Keith and Lawon cross paths and Keith asks Lawon if he is okay. Lawon says he is not. Keith asks again and he said that he’s fine. Jordan, Kalia, and Danielle are exercising outside by doing yoga. Jeff played the role of the fitness instructor. Kalia and Keith talk. She says that she will still vote Porsche out, but if the house is together in voting out Keith, she will also vote him out.

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