Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Latest Count On Who Will Be Evicted

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jul. 11, 2011

3PM EST, 7/10/11: As noted before the POV Ceremony took place already and Rachel decided against using it, keeping the nominations the same this week. Soon after the meeting, Cassi is trying to convince Lawon to keep Keith in the game. In order to make it seem like Adam is part of the alliance with Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, Rachel, and Danielle, they say that they want him to help them come up a name for the alliance. Behind his back, however, they say that it wouldn’t be the real name of the alliance. They only wanted to do it to make it seem like Adam is part of the group.

4PM EST: Lawon, Cassi, and Dominic are in the have not room and Lawon says he is now open to voting with how they want to vote in the upcoming eviction. They want Keith on the team with them because they think he’ll be a bigger target later in the game. They say that right now they probably have a 5-6 vote against getting Keith to stay, so they have to make sure that the other newbies are on board to evict Porsche. Lawon says that Kalia will vote with him and Dominic says that Adam will also vote with him.

5-8PM EST: In the bedroom, Cassi and Dominic are talking about possibly making a deal with Jeff and Jordan. Adam tried to talk game with Cassi outside, but she told him that she doesn’t want to in front of others that were outside that might overhear. Her, Dominic, and Lawon were talking earlier about Adam always wanting to talk game. Dominic said he wanted them to only talk game late at night. There is a lot of small talk about random conversations for much of this time. Danielle tells the alumni that when she asked Kalia who she would put up if she won the HOH, she said Dominic. The alliance, however, think that Kalia and Lawon are just going to be floaters and throw all the competitions. Brendon says that they should eliminate Dominic next week and then Cassi the week after. Regarding the upcoming evictions, Danielle thinks that Shelly, Lawon, and Kalia will vote Keith out, which would be a 7-3 vote with Dominic, Adam, and Cassi voting to save him.

9-10PM EST: Rachel and Brendon admit that of the newbies, they are only afraid of Adam and Dominic. But with Brendon doing well in the physical competitions and Rachel in the mental competitions, they think they’ve got it. A lot of the houseguests start working out in the backyard. Jeff and Adam talk game with Adam saying he wants either Jeff, Jordan, or Brendon to win the HOH this week. Adam says that if the newbies win HOH, they’ll probably go after Jeff and Jordan. In the HOH room, Brendon and Rachel talk about how hard the game has become since Evel left the game. They talk about the possibility of being backdoored in the future.

11PM – 12AMEST: Danielle and Jeff talk in the kitchen. Jeff thinks since he thinks the newbies will target them that the best case scenario would be for him and Jordan to be put up and then Brendon and Rachel winning the Power of Veto and taking them off the block. The newbies then would be forced to put another newbie couple on the block. The Big Brother crew gives the houseguests a basket full of beer. They then start playing a drinking game with it.

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