Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Golden Key Holder Revealed, Houseguests Wake Up

Written by Keith Roberts on Jul. 08, 2011

Below are the latest updates from the Big Brother 13 live feeds:

12PM-1PM EST, 7/8: Shelly is the first person that woke up and spent quite a bit cleaning the kitchen. Adam wakes up and the two talk about Keith’s blow-up. They note that Keith will be making an “announcement” later on today after the Power of Veto. Adam tells Shelly that he doesn’t think that he can trust Dominic, a fellow newbie, because he’s always hanging around Cassie.

2PM EST: The producers come over the loud speaker to tell the houseguests need to wake up — they play Beyonce’s Crazy in Love. Keith apparently went crazy last night. Adam tells Cassi and Shelly that “Keith went f—ing bonkers last night”. It apparently happened while the feeds were down last night, however. Adam speculates that Evel Dick leaving the game is part of the twist, saying that it likely has something to do wit the “blessing and curse” twist that Julie Chen mentioned during Thursday’s premiere — in that it would be a “blessing” that they don’t have to evict him. Shelly, however, believes that the producers wouldn’t take him out of the game because he is arguably one of the most popular names in the history of the show.

Adam is disappointed that Evel Dick is gone because he “Couldn’t wait to play against him”. Dominic tells Porsche in the kitchen that he is glad that the two talked last night and he starts complaining about Keith, saying that he didn’t make any friends last night during his blow-up. Dominic says the only way to guarantee her safety is fight for the Power of Veto and take herself off. Porsche agrees, but is upset if she gets off the block, Keith will be off, too.

Keith tells Cassi and Kalia in the padded room that “you have to do what’s best for you. It will never be anything personal”. Keith tells both women that the original eight newbies that came inside the house were supposed to stick together and Porsche was the first person to turn to the alumni side. “She was the first person to break it,” Keith says. Porsche is playing both sides right now.

3PM EST: Rachel tells Jeff and Jordan that she wants them to know that her emotions aren’t going to effect their game. Rachel tells Brendon that she will fight for the remaining five veterans. Daniele reveals that she has the golden key, and tells Keith in the storage room that she feels “useless” in the game because she can’t do anything (she can’t play in any competitions, but she is safe for four weeks).

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