Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Details On What ‘Dynamic Duos’ Are In

Written by Keith Roberts on Jul. 01, 2011

This season, the twist on Big Brother is that in addition to the eight new faces that will debut on the show this upcoming Thursday, a rumored three “dynamic duos” from the past will be returning. The “duos” from the past that fans can choose from on the CBS website include Brendon & Rachel, Dr. Will & Mike “Boogie”, Jessie & Natalie, Evil Dick & Danielle, Jeff & Jordan, and Hayden & Enzo.

As for who is in, Dr. Will posted an extensive blog earlier today saying that he is currently focusing on his new family and profession and basically ruled out being on the show, unless it is a red herring. So Dr. Will and “Boogie” seem to be all but ruled out. One couple that are being rumored to being in are Brendon and Rachel. According to @SpoilBigBrother, they have pushed back their wedding from September 3, 2011 (when the show would be on the air still) to May 12, 2012, which could be an indicator that they are in. The twitter feed also notes that Jessie and Natalie are not in and are simply a “red herrings” as a way to get the fans of the show buzzing. Both of them, as any fan of Big Brother would tell you, are not exactly fan favorites. Hayden, the winner of last year’s show, and his “duo” Enzo are also “red herrings”.

According to a source close to, the six stars from the past are already sequestered in the house and they have been chosen already by the Big Brother executives. A source also notes that fan favorites Jeff and Jordan also seem to be sequestered, but again that is not confirmed. So by process of elimination, that would leave Evil Dick and Daniele in the season, too, in addition to Jeff & Jordan and Brendon & Rachel.