Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Alliances Already Being Found Out, Drinking Games & More

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jul. 11, 2011

1-2AM EST, 7/11/11: Rachel, Brendon, Porsche, Adam, Danielle, Dominic, and Lawon are playing a drinking beer with beer called Sociables. Those that keep losing have to go do stunts around the houseguests sitting in the backyard. Lawon and Cassi talk in the hammock. Lawon is afraid that if Keith doesn’t get evicted, he’ll turn into a loose cannon again. Cassi says if he does, he’ll just go back on the block. Lawon hopes the vote turns into a tie. Lawon, who is still torn on who to evict, says that Keith won’t vote in his favor if he is ever on the block.

3AM EST: The alumni guess spot-on that Dominic, Cassi, and Lawon are in an alliance — which was revealed on the Sunday CBS broadcast to be called the “Regulators”. They also guess that they are going to keep Keith in the game. They think, however, that Brendon, Rachel, and Jordan will vote with them and make it a 7-3 vote, Cassi talks to Adam and tries to persuade him to vote out Porsche instead of Keith. She says that if Keith stays, he will continue to have a target on him while at the same time they’ll be closer to the end of the race. Brendon and Lawon are talking in the purple room about who might go home this week. Lawon tells him that he is on the side of Brendon’s alliance.

4AM EST: Lawon is still unsure of who to vote out, but will vote with the house. Dominic also agrees that it would be better if the house came to a consensus of who to vote out. Danielle, Lawon, and Dominic were in the hammock talking about how the game works. Jordan and Kalia were shown talking in the Head of Household room. Jordan observes that Kalia is always with Dominic and Cassi. Jordan tells Kalia that she thinks Dominic and Cassi will come after the alumni. Shelly, Jeff, Rachel, Porsche, Dominic, Cassi, and Brendon are outside around the hottub talking about the Casey Anthony trial. Shelly seems to know a lot about it — but don’t know that Anthony got three “not guilty” verdicts in the major counts.

Kalia tells Jordan she is going to sleep. In the have not room, she starts to talk out loud about strategy — she wants to go up on the block against Lawon as she thinks he will be voted out. In the process, if true and they do go up, she would get the golden key. Kalia then goes to tell Jordan that her and Jeff need to win the next HOH so that her and Lawon could go up. Brendon and Rachel start talking privately now and think that Cassi is a mastermind with her thinking that Dominic and Lawon being on her side. Jeff bashes them as being the worst game talkers he’s ever played with — even worse than the group last year.

5-6 AMEST: Jeff and Cassi are talking in the backyard about how the game won’t really start until the golden key twist is out of the way. Cassi says she wants to play the game with her morals and integrity. She also wants Shelly to be on her side and her to stay as long they can. The group expands to Kalia and Shelly joining them. Cassi says that she wants Keith to stay in the house this week and get rid of Porsche. Kalia states that Porsche is jealous of Cassi. Kalia tells Lawon in the kitchen that both of them are probably safe no matter who wins the HOH next. The two complain that they’re both bored in the house and complains about the younger houseguests playing drinking games. “This is not f***ing summer camp, we’re adults,” Kalia says. Kalia says that the plan for both of them to look weak “is working”. They want to throw the next HOH. Kalia says that the newbies, minus Porsche and Keith, need to get together to make sure that they are all on the same page regarding the votes for eviction. She feels that if the newbies are split, it will show the alumni that they’re falling apart. In the HOH room, let’s just say that Rachel and Brendon are getting “intimate”. Shortly after 7:30AM EST, all the houseguests are sleeping.

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