Big Brother 13 Spoiler: HOH Endurance Winner Revealed

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jul. 29, 2011

The last thing we saw on Big Brother Thursday night after Dominic Briones was evicted from the house by a vote to 7-to-1 was the Head of Household endurance competition that everyone in the house, except the former HOH, Rachel, participated in. This came after host Julie Chen announced that the “duos” twist had come to an end after one month of competition. In addition, the three “Golden Key” holders — Porsche, Shelly, and Danielle — were now able to compete in the game now that it guaranteed them a spot in the top ten.

As per usual for endurance competitions, the show went off the air showing all the participants on two surfboards where they were pressed against a wall, holding onto the handles. Viewers who have access to the live feeds were able to watch the competition in progress shortly after the live CBS broadcast went off the air. If you would like to know who is up for HOH, continue reading below. If you don’t want to be spoiled and want to watch the show on Thursday to find out who the next HOH is, continue reading below.

When the feeds came back at 7:15 BBT (10:15 ET), Lawon and Adam were already down and out and Adam immediately went for a cigarette, his first in about 30 hours since the houseguests were barred from going out to smoke while the HOH set was being assembled. The third person to fall was Rachel’s fiance, Brendon.

Jeff was the fourth person to fall down from his surfboard. Following Jeff was his girlfriend, Jordan. Brendon and Rachel looked on nervously as their alliance was now out of the game and started to cheer on anyone but Kalia and Daniele, who as shown on last night’s broadcast, got into a huge fight a few days back.

Porsche, Shelly, Daniele, and Kalia were the last four standing on their boards, with Porsche and then Shelly being taken off. Brenchel (Brendon & Rachel) as well as Jeff & Jordan looked to be very upset. Dani and Kalia, who were very quiet, were the only two left in the competition and became very talkative to each other. 10 minutes after Shelly was out, Kalia joked to Dani, “Promise you won’t put me up?” She then fell down and gave Dani the win. Daniele won the HOH competition.

The two then ran to the storage room and started jumping up and down, obviously very excited that “their side” finally won something after three weeks of Rachel and Jordan being in charge. As for who Daniele is looking to put up, shortly after the competition, Jordan awkwardly entered the room where Daniele was changing. Dani called Jordan back into the room and Jordan began to cry. Dani promises to not go after her and Jeff this week. She later told Kalia that she is looking to put up Brendon & Rachel this week.

UPDATE: Both Brendon and Rachel are indeed up for eviction this week.