‘Big Brother 13’ Live Feeds Spoilers: Veterans Plot Against The Original 8

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jul. 08, 2011

3PM EST, 7/8/11: The Big Brother 13 stars continued to get to know each other just five or six days after they were put in the house. Cassi was telling a few houseguests about the men she dated in Dallas in the past, while Cassi and Shelly were discussing their families back at home. Cassi says to Shelly, Lawon, and Porsche that she especially likes men that have nice teeth, but she doesn’t have a particular type.

The producers tell Jordan, who is putting on makeup in the BR without saying a word along with Jeff and Brendon, to put on her microphone. Brendon jokes what’s the point because Jordan isn’t exactly having any conversations. Jordan doesn’t laugh, and Jeff asks her why she’s cranky. She responds that she’s tired.

4PM EST, 7/8: The veto ceremony has yet to occur. Shelly, Daniele, Lawon, Brendon, Rachel, Adam, and Keith are at the kitchen area talking about various movies, but there is no talk about the game. Rachel and Shelly talk in the storage room, with Shelly telling Rachel not to quit — apparently late to the party as Rachel said earlier she isn’t leaving, but she was considering it in the early hours of the morning. Shelly tells Rachel that she has more people on her side than she thinks. Shelly vows to Rachel to be truthful and open with her in the future.

Jeff, Dominic, Cassi, and Jordan were all shown in the candy room wondering what the power of veto competition will be later in the day. There is no strategizing, however, as they simply talk about what it may be as well as who will host the competition today and in the future. Dominic jokes that he wants to be the host as many times as possible. Lawon enters the room and him and Dominic says that he wants to be the host, but Lawon jokes that he wants to.

In the HOH room, Dani, Rachel, and Brendon are there discussing if they should bring in Shelly to their informal alliance. Rachel says that “she is so straight up”. Rachel also wants Lawon and Kalia on their side. Brendon says he can’t trust the former. They then say that they can’t trust Adam because he apparently told Keith that Jeff said something about him that he never said. They talk about how both nominees on the chopping block are giving deals and votes left and right. Daniele seems to be on team Keith, insisting that Porsche seems untrustworthy.

5PM EST, 7/8: Regarding Danielle liking Keith, Brendon says that he thinks that Keith is as bad as Porsche. Danielle does not know yet if she will be able to play the Power of Veto game because she has the Golden Key. Danielle also shares that the newbies starting dislike Porsche because she made a deal with Evel Dick that her and Keith would vote however way he wanted them to… but she didn’t ask Keith before she made the preposition. Brendon wants Keith out this week.

As for swaying the newbies, Danielle says that they need to make Lawon feel like he needs the veterans on their side. She suggests that Jordan works on Kalia to bring them to their side because they are friends in the house. Danielle says that the newbies are playing the game emotionally, not in a logical manner. Brendon wants to send Dominic home if they win the HOH next week. He also says they need to get rid of Keith, too, because both are good at endurance competitions.

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