Big Brother 13 Live Feed Spoilers: Week 1 Nominations Revealed, Star Goes Missing

Written by Keith Roberts on Jul. 08, 2011

1AM EST, 7/8: The Big Brother 13 live feeds turned on shortly after 12AM EST and it was revealed that Keith and his partner Porsche are up for nomination the initial week. The houseguests were apparently looking for Evel Dick because he went missing (has been gone for about three hours now, according to Jordan). Adam finds Dick’s name on a piece of paper on one of the nomination chairs, but it’s revealed that Brendon and Jeff planted the paper that Adam found. It was a joke played on Adam.

Power of Veto is tomorrow (later today), according to Jordan. The houseguests were entertaining themselves by playing games of Charades and Spot the Difference. At that point, they didn’t think they were live on Big Brother After Dark on Showtime. They thought it was 11PM Pacific Time. As visible during the the premiere of BB, there is friction between Kalia and Lawon as Kalia said that she doesn’t like Lawon “As much as everyone else, and he’s [her] partner”.

2AM EST: It’s revealed that Kalia lost the food competition, is a “have not”. She complains that she has nothing to eat. Jordan talked to Shelly about her process of claiming her $500,000 prize after she won the game a couple of years ago. Porsche and Rachel are speculating about what happened with Evel Dick, saying that the producers should inform his daughter Daniel if something serious happened.

The housesguests can’t believe the Dominic is really 25 years old, insisting that they would have believed that he just graduated from high school. The houseguests reveal that Dick entered the Diary Room three hours early, but never got out. Jeff jokes that he would have had a fit if he stayed in there 40 minutes and he couldn’t smoke a cigarette.

3AM EST: Dani reveals that the producers aren’t telling her what happened with her father, despite her not talking to him. She seemed like she was really upset they wouldn’t tell her where he is. Porsche seems like an outcast at this point as people she is talking to — like Daniele, Brendon, and Rachel — seem annoyed talking to her, likely because Adam and Porsche basically keep telling them how the game works despite them being alumni in the game. Daniele blurts out, “If Adam tells me one more thing about one this show, I’m gonna punch him!”

Daniele and Rachel, who seem to have become friends, say that if Porsche gets off the block, they will target Cassi. The houseguests are locked up inside the house until tomorrow because a set is being built in the backyard. Daniele and Rachel speculate that Lawon will not try to win any challenges that Kalia, too, is on their nerve. Based on the conversation between Daniele and Rachel, it seems like it is the alumni vs newbies as Rachel told Daniele, “at least we have the six of us”.

In the “have not” room, Cassi, Lawon, Adam, Dominic, and Keith say that they don’t care if Dick doesn’t come back to the game. Keith is convinced that Dick leaving the game is a “twist”. Brendon joins Rachel and Daniele and reveals that he also dislikes Porsche. Keith is considering throwing tomorrow’s power of veto competition. Dominic states that the whole house is against Porsche, and that is the reason why they’re up for eviction. Keith thinks that Kalia will join the alumni and vote him out.

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