Big Brother 13 Live Feed Spoilers: Rachel Considers Using POV, More Game Talk

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jul. 09, 2011

Below are the latest live feed updates from Big Brother:

1AM EST, 7/9/11: All the houseguests were shown in the kitchen area where they were tossing the ball-like decorations on the table into cans. They try to look in the backyard, but it’s still closed because the Big Brother crew is still working on taking the POV competition set down. Porsche pulls Rachel aside to talk strategy, now that it’s likely Rachel will leave the nominations the same. Rachel doesn’t understand why Keith has yet to approach her about possibly saving him from eviction. Porsche suggests that Cassi and Dominic will do all the work for him.

2-3AM EST: All the houseguests, except Jordan who is sleeping, are playing the “Big Booty” game around the table. It lasts a whole hour. The houseguests are having a lot of fun with the game. Eventually Jordan, who probably heard the game being played as she was trying to sleep, wakes up and plays along with her fellow houseguests. All the houseguests remain on the table and play “spin the bottle”. They basically ask a question and then spin the bottle around the table and see what person that question corresponds to. The lasts for almost an hour now as most of the houseguests try to go to sleep.

4AM EST: Lawon, Dominic, and Cassi talk in the bedroom. Lawson says that Keith is going to have a “hard time” with Kalia. Cassi chimes in that Kalia doesn’t care who leaves this weeks. She suggests telling her what way to vote. Dominic continues to defend Keith by suggesting that Porsche leaves this week. Kalia joins them in the bedroom and agrees that they should kick out Porsche. Dominic tells Cassi and Lawon and that he only trusts those three. He says, “we’re the three”. They then talk about splitting Brendon and Rachel up. They add that Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, and Rachel will switch off winning competitions and they’ll “destroy us”.

Kalia, Porsche, and Rachel are whispering in the fortune room and Porsche wonders if Kalia is considering using the Power of Veto. Rachel says that she’s “thinking about it”. Rachel then whispers to Porsche after Kalia left. Rachel tells Porsche to tell the others in the house that she’s thinking about using the POV to stir the pot. Rachel tells Porsche to tell the others that she doesn’t know who she wants to put up. The backyard opens up. Rachel then shares with Brendon in the hammock that she told Porsche to tell the others that she was going to use the POV. They fight because Brendon doesn’t want her to talk game without her.

5AM EST: The houseguests sit in the backyard before Porsche heads to bead. Adam tells the others in the backyard goodnight and heads inside the house. He heads to the bathroom where he and Shelly say that the newbies have to win the HOH next week, and that they should put up Jeff & Jordan because they don’t want to anger Brendon & Rachel. In the backyard, Rachel, Brendon, Jeff, Jordan, and Kalia come to the consensus that Evel Dick is a cool guy. Rachel says she looked forward to playing the game with him.

Jordan, Shelly, and Rachel talk in the backyard. Shelly asks who they want out of the game, and Jordan says she is considering evicting Keith. Rachel tells both of them that she’s considering using the POV because people around the house are feeling too comfortable.

6AM EST: Shelly admits that Cassi will probably go where the power is, and that she isn’t loyal. Shelly says that she wants to see Kalia go, and would likely put her up if she won HOH. Jeff tells Shelly that she can talk openly with them because they aren’t going to throw her under the bus. In the HOH room, Rachel tells Porsche that she’s considering using the POV and taking her and Keith off the block. Porsche admits that she wants Keith out of the house. She is only using him to get information from him. Rachel wonders if a deal could be made with Keith to take him off the block and in return he would keep the four alumni (Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, and Rachel) safe.

Porsche leaves and Brendon dismisses Porsche as playing both sides in the house. Rachel agrees with him. Rachel questions if she should send her home then,.

7-12AM EST: The houseguests settle down for the night as they all head to sleep. Jordan is the only one awake doing laundry in the backyard. She then heads to where Jeff is sleeping and sleeps next to him. Dominic is sleeping in the same room as Jeff & Jordan. Jeff wakes up at 8AM EST to use the bathroom and returns to find Dominic snoring loudly. He throws something at Dominic twice and he wakes him. Him and Jordan start to laugh.

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