Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Spoilers: Dominic Talks Strategy With Brendon & Jeff

Written by Keith Roberts on Jul. 09, 2011

1PM EST, 7/9/11: All the houseguests are waking up around now. Keith now wants to talk to Rachel, but Brendon tells him that he has all day long to talk to her, because she is half asleep. Porsche overhears the conversation in the purple room as Keith suggests putting up Lawon and Kalia instead of him and Porsche. Keith bases Lawson because he “stirs the pot” and “puts people against each other”. Brendon tells Rachel he’ll tell her what Keith told him. Brendon and Keith hug. Brendon says they’ll talk again later together. Brendon then asks Adam if he can talk to him and Rachel later. He agrees.

2PM EST: In the backyard, Shelly encourages Brendon and Rachel to wait a while before having any kids. She admits that she is glad she waited until she was 33 to have a child. Brendon says that he doesn’t even have his PhD yet and Rachel already wants a kid. Porsche is whispering to Jeff and Jordan in the candy room what she overheard earlier. She says that Brendon and Rachel don’t use the Power of Veto because she wants Keith to go home. Again, she seems convinced that Keith will be leaving the house if the nominations stay the same.

In the storage room, Keith and Adam are talking. Keith says he wants the veto used on him so Lawon could be evicted. Adam says the “can’t stand Kalia”. In the HOH room, Jordan seems annoyed that Porsche said that Jordan threw the veto competition last night. Brendon also shares with Rachel, Danielle, and Jordan what Keith told him. A producer then tells the houseguests to go to the backyard. The feeds are cut for over 20 minutes.

3PM EST: In the backyard, Cassi, Brendon, and Lawon were shown and Cassi asked Brendon if they wanted Keith out. Brendon asked what they wanted to do. Cassi admits that they initially wanted Porsche out, but now they want Keith evicted. In the have not room, Keith told Dominic that he talked to Brendon earlier about Lawon. Dominic told him not to confront Lawon in front of the whole house. Dominic admits that Keith’s plan to get Lawon and Kalia on the block may work, but if it doesn’t, it’s looking like Keith is gone. Dominic said that Keith could trust him and that he wants him to remain in the house.

4PM EST: Rachel and Jordan are in the candy room talking about the upcoming HOH competition. Jordan says that she isn’t very good at puzzle games. Keith told Dominic that he doesn’t believe that Lawon has the newbies’ best interest at heart. Porsche enters the room and Dominic leaves. Porsche admits she is afraid that Keith making big moves in the house will target her because they are partners. Porsche suggests that the two of them talk to Rachel and Brendon in private. Lawon tells Dominic that he is going to keep his word and evict Porsche. He says he knows Keith is talking about him, but he’ll worry about him later.

Dominic talks to Jeff and Jordan for the first time regarding the game. Jeff says the house is divided based on the way they came in. Dominic asks if Rachel will use the Power of Veto, but Jeff and Jordan dodge the question. Dominic tells them that he doesn’t want it to be a case of the alumni vs the newbies. Jordan says it’s not. Brendon comes and joins the conversation, also noting that this is the first time Dominic talked game with them. Dominic continues to talk about there being sides in the house. Both Brendon and Jeff deny that there are any sides. Brendon admits to Dominic that people “on your side” are already on “our side”. Brendon said that they trust Dominic for now, but if this conversation gets back to them by another party, they’ll know he’s untrustworthy.

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