Big Brother 13 Live Blog: ‘Dynamic Duos’ Revealed

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jul. 07, 2011

Big Brother is back with its now 13th season. For many, summer doesn’t officially begin until Big Brother begins. The premiere is happening right now on CBS so wait no more. This season, CBS is introducing us to eight new houseguests, but along with those new people we know little about, duos from the past are returning to the series. The website on CBS has a list of six duos from the past — ranging from names we absolutely hated (Jessie and Natalie) to those who are generally adored (Jeff & Jordan). Considering that there are reportedly 14 picture frames on the wall, it is highly speculated that six names from the past will be returning, or three duos. Click here for potential spoilers which we posted a few days back.

According to Big Brother executive producer Allison Grodner, the names on the website don’t necessarily mean that three duos that are on the site are going to be returning, but rather, it is there to stir some controversy — and there already has been because people do not want to see Jessie back in the house for a third season in a row. Perhaps the duos picked were a strategic way of people to start talking — and it already has done so. Who will be the duos joining us from the 12 seasons past of Big Brother? Follow along with me as I cover Big Brother live tonight.

Julie Chen opens the show and announces that what has been heavily rumored throughout the week in that the 8 contestants that are in the house will be forced to partner up with one of their co-reality stars upon entering the house.

Julie makes the eight houseguests partner up and announces that the person that wins head of household and their other duo will be safe from the week. The HOH will then have to pick someone to put up on the block, and the person s/he chooses will automatically have their duo put up, too. The duos are as following: Adam & Dominic, Porsche & Keith, Cassi & Shelly, and Lawon & Kalie.

As for the dynamic duos, they are Brendon & Rachel, Jeff & Jordan (who’s as bright as ever), and Dick & Daniele.

They had an endurance competition to determine who was going to be the head of household — with a majority of the “original eight” falling off a banana where the duos must hold on to the same banana as their partner. Rachel ends up being the head of the household, pledging to Dick and Daniele that they were safe if they fell off.

Before the show goes off the air, Julie tells the houseguests that another “twist” will be revealed — in that those who are put on the block will have a chance to win a special power that automatically puts them in the top ten. That means the person who earns it will not have to compete in power-related competitions for four weeks in addition to being safe from eviction. The person, however, will still be able to take part in voting to evict others.

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