Big Brother 13: “3 Shocking Surprises” Announced in Premiere

Written by Jaym on Jul. 07, 2011

Big Brother fans have been promised 3 shocking surprises for the houseguests on premiere night. Well, we did definitely have some new things in this season of Big Brother.

As revealed last week, one surprise was that “Dynamic Duos” of the past were returning to the game. We finally found out that Rachel & Brendon, Jeff & Jordan, and Dick & Daniele were back in the house and ready to compete with the newbies.

Julie explains that everyone in the season has a partner. Our favorite past house guests are paired together and the new players chose their partners:

Keith & Porsche

Shelly & Cassi

Adam & Dominic

Lawon & Kalia

But there’s more:

Julie tells us of the bigger twist of the season… The HOH will nominate ONE duo for eviction and one of the players will be evicted but there is a “Golden Key” this season. Julie stated “Being nominated this summer will be both a blessing and a curse! As in the past, 1 houseguest will be evicted, but a huge advantage awaits the houseguest that survives the chopping block. It’s called the “Big Brother Golden Key”. The golden key guarantees a spot in the top 10. Anyone who survives in the first 4 weeks cannot be nominated till only 10 of you remain. And because the holder of the golden key cannot be evicted, they will not participate in any competitions during that time. However, they will vote for eviction.”

This completely changes the game for all the players this season. The nominations have to be very strategic because you are giving the person who stays a free ride for 4 weeks! This should be very interesting to watch unfold.

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