‘Bachelor’ Brad Womack Spending Time With Emily Maynard In NC

Written by Michael Lambarde on Mar. 27, 2011

Sure, The Bachelor Brad Womack and his ultimate choice during the season finale last week, Emily Maynard, may have had a rocky start in their relationship after the cameras on the ABC reality series ended, but they are working on their relationship, and that is all you can do, right?

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While tabloids from OK! Magazine to In Touch Weekly reported from their “sources” that Maynard cheated on Womack following the taping of The Bachelor with an old boyfriend from North Carolina, and other sources noted that Maynard was upset with Womack because of how intimate he was with the other contestants, the two have been traveling over 2000 miles round-trip to spend time with each other.

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Last week, Maynard flew from North Carolina to Womack’s hometown of Austin, Texas without her daughter Ricki. There, she met some more of Womack’s friends and family. The two were even spotted at a local bar smiling away with Womack’s brother and his partner. Less than a week later, Womack flew from Austin to North Carolina, where the two are spending time with each other currently.

PHOTOS: Brad Womack and Emily Maynard meet up in Austin, Texas last week

Womack tweeted a photo of Maynard picking him up from the airport a few days ago on Twitter, confirming that he was in North Carolina. He even downplayed the rumors from OK! Magazine saying that the Womack-Maynard relationship was a publicity stunt from ABC to make it seem like at least one couple from the long list of failed relationships in the history of The Bachelor was going to make it long-term. A “source” even told the tabloid that the two have “broken-up” Womack has spent time with 5-year-old Ricki, who reportedly loves Brad. She even spent some time drawing for him on her door! Click here to view photos of Maynard and Womack in North Carolina, as well as the cute shot of Womack with Maynard’s daughter.

So, while what has been rumored by the tabloids may be somewhat true, at least the two are spending time working on their relationship. Maynard may have cheated, and she may have been jealous of her other co-contestants, but at the end of the day, you’ve got to look forward and not the past, and that may just be what the two are doing right now.