Atlanta Braves Star Derek Lowe Arrested For DUI

Written by Michael Lambarde on Apr. 29, 2011

Derek Lowe, the 37-year-old pitcher for the Atlanta Braves, was arrested on Thursday night for driving under the influence. Lowe was pulled over by an Atlanta a police officer and upon suspecting the car detected a “strong odor of [an] alcoholic beverage”. At that point, the officer told the MLB player to get out of his car and tested his sobriety.

Lowe, however, decided to refused the test and was taken to jail as a result. He was released this morning (Friday) after posting a bail of $3000. In addition, police in Atlanta say that Lowe is facing charges of “reckless driving a failure to maintain [in] his lane.”

For Lowe, his name in the headlines doesn’t come as a surprise to him. In the past, he was involved in an affair with Carolyn Hughes, a baseball reporter, and soon after divorced from his wife of seven years and the mother of his two children. Soon after, him and Hughes got married in late 2008. Lowe was also in the headlines after he survived a skin cancer scare years back, and has helped others fight the disease since then.