Apple Looking To Make A Bid To Score Hulu, Sources Suggest

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jul. 24, 2011

The ad-supported television and movie on-demand service Hulu has made it known that they don’t plan to go public in the future, as reported by the Wall Street Journal late last year. This is likely due to Hulu’s management not having the rights to stream the wide variety of programming currently available in the long-term. Instead, they are looking to go a different route with Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal both citing anonymous sources that Apple, with its 76.2 billion in cash and securities, is looking to get into the bidding war to acquire the top 100 website in the United States.

According to various sources, it could cost more than $2 billion to purchase the website, which Apple obviously has if they are looking to purchase it. Many analysts suggest that if the sale went through, the Hulu service would fit like a glove with Apple’s current slate of television and movies they offer in the iTunes store. Hulu — a joint venture of Comcast’s NBC Universal, FOX’s News Corporation, Disney’s ABC Television Group, and other funders — also launched Hulu Plus last summer, which like the iTunes store, provides popular television shows for purchase, but is available for a $7.99 fee per month instead of Apple’s per-episode charge.

Other technology-related companies such as Google and Yahoo are also reportedly looking to get into the bidding process, too. The deal would allow a five-year extension of programming rights with two exclusive years to the person that scores the website, according to Bloomberg.