Apple Investigators, SFPD May Be Searching For Missing iPhone 5

Written by Michael Lambarde on Sep. 04, 2011

Photo of leaked iPhone 5 protoype

After reports surfaced that an Apple employee lost the prototype of the upcoming iPhone 5, the reports were debunked after the San Francisco Police Department said that they had no record of Apple reporting the phone missing.

An officer allegedly told Peter Jamison of San Francisco Weekly that he didn’t know who the source the broke the story to the website was, but it wasn’t true.

The story, however, seems to be true. In yet another uncanny coincidence, an employee allegedly apparently lost the device while at a tequila bar called Cava 22 in San Francisco’s Mission District. Last time around when the iPhone 4 prototype was lost, a person found it and sold it on Craigslist for $200. The phone was also lost in a bar over a year ago.

The question now lingers on if the phone that was lost was indeed the iPhone 5, which is set to be released this upcoming October to Verizon, AT&T, and possibly Sprint.

The San Francisco Police Department have now admitted that they accompanied Apple investigators to the home that the phone was tracked to, but the person at the residence denied having anything to do with picking up the phone in question.

In yet another twist, Sergio Calderon, the person whose home was linked to the phone, told SF Weekly that Apple employees may have been impersonating police officials to gain access to Calderon’s home in Bernal Heights.

The story does seem odd as the police department initially denied taking part in the search but now they are backtracking and saying that they were and that two officers accompanied four Apple investigators to the Bernal Heights home. Many blogs are begging the question if Apple may be in cahoots with the police department and using their own employees to investigate the loss of the phone illegally.

Calderon, 22, says that all six of the people that came to his house said they were all from the SFPD. He admitted that had the Apple investigators said that they were Apple employees instead of allegedly saying that they were from the police department, he wouldn’t have let them inside the house.

Not only was Calderon’s home searched, but the “officers” in question allegedly threatened Calderon and his relatives about their immigration status when they are all United States citizens. Afterward, Calderon was offered $300 for the phone with no questions asked.

Lt. Troy Dangerfield of the police department says he won’t be investigating the incident in question until Calderon comes forward and tell them about his side of the story.

As for why a police officer originally said that there was no report filed by Apple to Jamison, police now say that Apple didn’t want a report created.

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    I guess if you’d steal a pro-type phone worth billions you’d lie your a$$ off too.

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      Hahahaha!! Hardly worth billions

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        18.4 million iPhone 4’s sold in the first 3 months. Do the math.

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    omfg…who the f–k cares…im sick of these stupid iphone 5 rumors and all of the shit about one f—ing phone.

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      Yet you’re here commenting by choice.. 

  • It was a clever scheme last time…a 20something posing as a emo drunk apple employee “loses” a phone, now this one with the SFPD backtracking like apple does when there is a MAJOR flaw with its phones…epic FAIL in marketing attempts. 

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    How completely uninteresting.

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    I would just mail it back to apple in pieces if I had it.

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