Analyzing Lindsay Lohan’s Body-Hugging Court Attire

Written by Michael Lambarde on Mar. 11, 2011

Lindsay Lohan has continued to get herself in trouble over the past few months, stemming from getting out of rehab at the beginning of the year. Lohan made her way to the Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday to face the judge for allegedly stealing a $2500 necklace. However, ultimately, the judge gave her a couple more to weeks to determine what she will plea.

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan wearing the necklace she allegedly stole

While the world watched to see what happened in court, those covering the actress also covered what Lohan wore during the appearance — a body-hugging leather sheath by Raquel Allega, which retails for just over $700. In addition, she paired the neutral-toned sheath with Chanel shoes, Drior shades and dark tights. She even decided to wear a necklace and other jewelry thanks in part to designer Judith Ripka.

While many continue to watch her court dates closely, speculation has started saying that Lohan may be wearing the body-hugging attire on purpose in order to get yet another pass that another ordinary individual probably wouldn’t receive, or do you think it is inappropriate in front of a judge? Check out photos of her attire in court today by clicking here.

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