Among Egypt Protests, Criminals Escape From Prison

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 31, 2011

Confusion and chaos all over the country of Egypt over Hosni Mubarak’s tenure as President has called protests in the country, and thousands of prisoners from prison all over the trouble-torn nation have managed to escape, security officers have revealed. According to the prison officials, the inmates fled after clashing with the security guards in at least four jails across the country. Although no specific figures about the total number of prisoners who have managed to escape has been divulged to the media, it has been confirmed that in the clashes between the inmates and the guards, many prisoners have also lost their lives.

Officials have divulged that inmates at the Wadi Natrun facility in the northern region of the Egyptian capital of Cairo, overpowered the security guards present at the jail and escaped into the nearby towns and villages. Apart from the breakout at the Wadi Natrun facility, reports of inmates fleeing from prison have come to light across many parts including the regions Alexandria, Aswan, among others. At the same time, an estimated 5,000 Egyptian prisoners escaped from a penitentiary in Faiyum Governorate, situated at a distance of 130 kilometers in the southwestern direction of the Egyptian capital.

Despite the mounting pressure with demonstrations being staged all over the country, President Hosni Mubarak has refused to step down from his post as the scenario in the Arab nation gradually gets all the more murkier. With the street protests continuing, looting and arson in many parts of the nation went on unabated although the army is gradually trying to make its presence felt on the streets of Cairo.

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