Adult Film Industry In LA Shut Down Due To HIV Positive Performer

Written by Michael Lambarde on Aug. 31, 2011

Several adult film productions needed to be shut down in Los Angeles due to an HIV scare after one of its performers tested positive for the virus. Once the Free Speech Coalition, a trade group for the industry, was made aware of the person who is allegedly carrying the infection, production was asked to be stopped in San Fernando Valley.

Productions are expected to stay shut down until re-testing can confirm the allegations. “Until we know for sure, we’ve asked the industry to have a moratorium on production,” Diane Duke, executive director of the Free Speech Coalition, said.

The HIV scare came to light on Saturday, but it is not directly known how they learned about the case, but Duke did notify several adult film production companies across San Fernando Valley and most studios like Hustler agreed to shut down.

The name, gender, and age of the performer was not disclosed by Duke, however, noting that the person has a right to medical privacy. However, there is fear that the person may have infected several other people within multi-billion dollar industry in Southern California.

If the person is tested positive for HIV, two generations of the person’s sexual partners will get tested, according to the Associated Press — meaning the person(s) they had sex with as well as the partners of those that had sex with the performer.