Aaron Rodgers Leads The Green Bay Packers, On Route To The Super Bowl?

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 16, 2011

The Packers’ Aaron Rodgers had an awesome game for his team on Saturday night, and just like that, it looks like he is read to lead the Green Bay Packers to the Super Bowl in February. In their 48-21 decimation of the Falcons, Rodgers set one NFL playoffs record and made progress towards one of the NFL’s most hallowed marks. Through his first three playoff games, Rodgers has thrown 10 touchdown passes. That’s a new NFL record, breaking one held by Daryle Lamonica, Dan Marino, and Jeff George. (Make your “walked into a bar…” jokes now.) Rodgers also became the first quarterback in NFL history to record a quarterback rating of more than 120 in his first three playoff starts — after becoming the first quarterback in NFL history to do that over his first two playoff starts last week.

Rodgers’ “worst” playoff outing came last year, against the Cardinals, when he completed 28 of 42 passes for 423 yards and four touchdowns and ran for another score. Clearly, that’s why folks can’t seem to spell his name right on Twitter. After his incredible performance against the Falcons, Rodgers was a trending topic on Twitter … as “Aaron Rogers.” This follows a season in which “Brett Farve” managed to trend on an almost weekly basis. CBS Sports’ Tim Cary made the exact right joke:

Just realized Aaron ROGERS is trending. Are we doomed that every Packers quarterback of all time will be misspelled on Twitter? #sigh #Favre

To this I say: maybe, maybe not. The only other Green Bay quarterback that would seem big enough to trend would be Bart Starr, whose name could come up if Rodgers continues his ridiculous postseason success. Starr holds the career postseason record for quarterback rating, at 104.8; Rodgers’ career postseason quarterback rating, through three games, is an astounding 129.4. Starr’s name is a little harder to misspell, thanks to a lack of the bayou weirdness found in Favre and no extraneous D as in Rodgers. But I wouldn’t put it past the madding crowd of Twitter to give “Bart Star” his due someday.

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