1000 Teachers Call In Sick In Wisconsin After Governor Walker’s Union Cuts

Written by Michael Lambarde on Feb. 17, 2011

Upon Governor Scott Walker’s controversial cuts in Wisconsin, schools in Madison, Wisconsin were abruptly forced to shut down this past Wednesday after nearly 40 percent of the teachers in the district called in sick. As a result, the authorities had to cancel classes for the day after it emerged that there were not enough substitute teachers to cover the deficit. The district has 2,600 teachers, which means that over 1,000 teachers called in “sick”, and a proposed budget cut has caught the wrath of the teachers.

PHOTOS: Thousands of teachers and other unions come out to Wisconsin to protest Walker’s cuts

The teachers had planned rallies in various places in Wisconsin because of the cuts. The authorities are not pleased with how things turned out today. They have subsequently released a statement that condemned the actions of the teachers and have subsequently warned any teacher against staying off duty without prior approval.

An email that was sent to the teachers and copied to the press read, “Any staff member who is absent without prior approval is to be coded AWOL (Code 91). Principals are not to approve absence for personal reasons (code 23 or code 69) during the next three days.” The authorities have not announced what kind of punishment that teachers that called in sick today would be given. They are expected to be punished for disrupting the day’s calendar.

Photos: Teachers and other unions come out to Wisconsin to protest Walker’s cuts

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