10-Year-Old Dies Of Dehydration After His Parents Deny Him 5-Days Of Water

Written by Michael Lambarde on Aug. 28, 2011

Police say that a Texas boy died of dehydration after his parents denied him of drinking water as punishment after he had accidentally wet the bed. The 10-year-old Dallas boy, Jonathan James, died on July 25, according to police, after his parents prohibited him from drinking water in the five days leading up to his death. Temperatures in Dallas soared to 100 degrees or more on each of those days, police say.

Michael Ray James, his father, and Tina Alberson, his stepmother, were both charged on Thursday, August 25th and were jailed for injury to a child due to serious bodily injury. His twin brother, Joseph James, and his 12-year-old stepbrother were not injured; the two are currently staying with other family members.

According to Jonathan’s grandmother Sue Shotwell, her grandson had contacted her in June and told her that he was afraid of living with his parents during the month-long, court-ordered custody visit.

“[Jonathan] called me and said, ‘Can I come to your house instead? I know I’m going to be in trouble while I’m there because I always am,’” Shotwell said in an interview with the Dallas News on Friday. “That’s the first time we ever heard that from him. The boy, because of a court ordered custody arrangement, were spending the summer with their biological father, but they were not willing to stay with their father,” Shotwell said.

Shotwell also revealed to FOX News that Jonathan’s twin brother knew about the punishment, and she had told him that he didn’t need to feel guilty because there was nothing that he could have done. She notes that Joseph later confessed to his grandmother that he had wished that he had “snuck him some water.”

Police documents show that the 10-year-old collapsed and hit his head on the floor after 5-days of going without water. Joseph later told police that his brother was put in a room without air conditioning and was told to stand near the window with the scorching sun beating down on him. He also notes that his brother had peanut butter stuck in his throat on the day he died, but his parents still didn’t allow him to drink any water.

After his parents had realized that the boy’s body was shutting down, they put him in a cold bathtub before they called paramedics, police said. He shortly died after he was rushed to the hospital.

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  • Belindamamula

    hang these morans or give them the death penalty.

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    speechless, hope i get my point

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      The sharks would choke and gag on all that LARD, but would be worth trying for sure.

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    Absolutely charge these extremely evil people with murder along with the death penalty that will be carried out in a timely manner. Till then, house them in a prison cell with no air conditioning and minimal water.

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    They should put them in a car without water and lock the doors. And at the last minute they should save them and put them in jail so that they can make new friends who will help them learn what it feels like.

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    omg thouse poor boys

  • What is wrong with trash like these two people? They are not parents,they are evil and murderers. To scare the other children into saying nothing to anyone…so sad. That poor little boy. What was he thinking during this time? How scared was he? Does anyone care about that? I have a 8 year old boy and a 10 year old boy. I can’t imagine ever harming them,ever..Obivously there is something wrong with these two. God Bless that young man.

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    fuck those fat fucks god will give them ten times folds for what they did to that baby boy ….:( R.I.P JONATHAN) hes a child of god so i know 4 a fact hes in gods hands now……Naomi Noriega

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    They took a inocent life there for those pigs are going to be begging for even a drop of water in hell but instead they’ll be living in eternal Hell…..they will be burning in fire…. then Jonathan will be watching them suffer from heaven.. (R.I.P Jonathan ) THEY ‘RE NOT HUMAN……your in a better place now little jonathan . Anthony Gomez

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    I understand everyone’s anger towards the child welfare and court system. However, its literally not possible to investiage each and every family to prevent such tragic events. Rather, people should not behave like real-life monsters and murder their children. There is no way these two grown adults didn’t realize that 5 days without water could kill a child. That being said, this becomes a murder charge. I too hope Texas hands out capital punishment on this one. Even if these two idiots didn’t know this could kill the child beforehand, watching him deteriorate for 5 days and not giving him water when he was choking are signs of their sadistic twisted minds ignoring what was unfolding.

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    Wait till these people go to prison, they get their punishment there for what they did to this child, they knew what they deserve in the prison from inmates for killing a child…. what mentally ill people living in USA today .. very sad world

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    brother,sister,husband,wife,twin pair deserve death…angel rest in peace

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    F*ck these people. From someone who had a child die during pregnancy, wanting one as badly as we have….My heart turns black when I think of these two adults.

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    those two freaks of parents deserve the same treatment – what is wrong with those crazy ass people?

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    how can people live with themselves being as deranged as this? no way BOTH parents couldn’t have known this was inhumane! even though it’s no excuse, some people (or idiots) should know bed wetting sometimes takes much longer to out grow, if the don,t they should get the facts!!! fortunately for me, my parents where compassionate about it. i wet the bed until i was 12 or 13, at least 5 nights a weak. my parents took me to a doctor to ask why . it’s just one of those things of gorwwing up. either way abuse isnt the answer whether it’s physical or verbal for any punishment!!!! the parents wonder why there kids are so disfuntional in life. teach a kid good morales and give him a fighting chance in this messed up world we call life. as the say, monkey see, monkey do!
    also, i feel sorry for the brother, he’s going to need therapy . that kind of torment will way heavy on him forever!
    there’s no excuse for a sentance less than life with no prole, NO REASON!PEOPLE, LEARN FROM THIS! PASS THE KNOWLEDGE WITH SOMEONE.

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    Why were they not charges with murder? They willfully and with depraived indifference withheld the basic necessities from this child.

    They Killed him.

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    Put them next to the window in the blazing sun with no water for as long as it takes!!!!!

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    I’m not even for the death penalty, but I hope Texas juices this Fucktards!!!!!!

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    such an awful story, The 2 of those parents can not be more pathetic. I hope Texas has the death penalty.. They sure deserve it! Stuart

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    ENRAGED! Shoot those F*ckers in the face! Do this to a child? Peanut butter added to the demise I am sure. I am truly horrified and with these people the worst and the remaining children the best life possible.

  • such cruel people in this world

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    Wow, they are disgusting human beings and deserve to die via dehydration! Some people seriously make me sick with their actions.

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    It never ceases to amaze me how stupid humans can be. This is absolutely horrible. I hope these two parents suffer so much pain the rest of their lives. But this poor boy is gone forever because he was born to idiots.

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    What the frig is wrong with these people?? They don’t have a ounce of empathy, can’t understand how anyone could do this, I just don’t get it!! The only reason those people acted when they did was so they wouldn’t get in trouble, otherwise im sure that child would of still been denied water! they don’t understand

    what a accident is??? I’m pretty sure that child didn’t mean to nor want to wet the bed

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    Ughh this makes me soooooo sick! Capital punishment all the way for both of them! Don’t waste my tax $ by leaving them in jail..just rid of them!

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      Starting to realize people should be given a damn test to become a friggan parent!!!

  • Sandra

    Who could do that to their child? Some people just shouldn’t have children. That’s terrible, I couldn’t imagine making anyone go without water, especially not my child. And definitely not in that heat. People sicken me, I swear, these two people need the death penalty. Or have the same thing done to them as they did to their child.

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    They Need 2 Fuckin Starve And Dehydrate There Fat Asses! This Is Fuckin Bull Shit! They Deserve A Death Sentence For Doing This!

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    “Court-ordered” custody. Gotta hand it to the professionals in Dallas’ court system and its child protective services. The judge who signed off on this order and the DHS personnel who overrode the good parent’s wishes should have their faces posted on billboards all over the DFW area. Overpaid, underworked, unionized public leaches giving service like this.

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    I want to cry. why was the boy imprisoned and tortured in his own home and by his parents? I can’t imagine how the boy felt.

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    They both should be stoned to death

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    Those guilty of cruelty to kids and animals, where the child or animal dies, should be tortured and then killed by public hanging. I want a front row seat. 

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    pathetic worthless fat ugly cowards

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    This made me suck to read this as a mother of two myself I don’t know how any parent could do this to their own child. Deny them of water for wetting the bed what is up with the sick bastards! Rot in hell they ain’t no parents they deserve to die. R.I.P poor boy god bless u xxx xxx

  • GothicKitten

    First of all, bedweting is usualy a sign that there’s something wrong with the child if they are over about 5 or 6 years of age.  It could be a sign of an underlying medical problem, it could be an anxiety or nervous problem, or even trace back to fear from physical or sexual abuse.  Based on this, and some of the things mentioned by the child such as “I’m always in trouble when I’m there…” I am confidant in the assumption that this isn’t the first time these “parents” if one could call them such, have engaged in abusive or destructive behavior toward their children before.  Being a former victim of child abuse, an adult child of an alcoholic and a college student currently studying the feild of human services gives me quite a bit of insight on the situation.  I had the same problem when I was little, my abusive dad lived in the same home as me and I wet the bed.  My mother kicked my dad out when he refused to quit drinking, the threat/sorce of the anxiety was removed and, suprise, suprise… never again did I wet the bed.  In the case of the fater and stepmother’s awareness of the situation (and inteligence), there’s not much to be said.  It’s common knowlege that the human body begins to shut down after 3 days of dehydration.  The fact that the poor boy lasted as long as he did comes as quite a shock, given the conditions of the situation, and tragicly he suffered to the very end.  These people knew full well what they were doing to their son, they frankly just didn’t give a damn, and I feel horrible for the surviving brother and greiving family but as for the parents….it’s a shame that in prison it’s considered abuse to deny someone their basic phisical needs.  How do they think the kid felt?  They dehydrate their son to death, and as “punishment” they get a free ride on taxpayer money, locked in a ventilated cell with 3 meals a day and as much water as they want.  At the very least the prison guard could make them drink out of the toilet…..

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    I think these two fat ass fuckers need to die the same damn way. If I could only be king for a day. America should get like the 3rd world countries in the sense of our punishment for people here. We give people a slap on the hand and wonder why they keep doing the same things. When someone touches a child, chop that fuckers hand off, shit wouldn’t happen twice if our government grew some balls and started really laying some law down. Come on Obama, don’t let me down, do something.

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    Sad thing is that they get air condition and three meals. People like this should be hung…..